ISRO Fights Over 100 Cyber-Attacks Daily: S Somanath


Kochi: S Somanath, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said that the country’s space agency is facing more than 100 cyber-attacks daily.

Speaking on the concluding session of the 16th edition of the c0c0n, a two-day international cyber conference in Kerala’s Kochi, further said that the possibility of cyber-attacks is much higher in rocket technology which uses ultra-modern software and chip-based hardware. “The organisation is equipped with a robust cybersecurity network to face such attacks,” he said.

Notably, the conference was organised by the Kerala Police and Information Security Research Association here. The ISRO chief further said that apart from the software, ISRO is also going ahead with various tests focusing on the safety of the hardware chips inside the rockets.

“Earlier, the way of monitoring one satellite has changed to a way of software monitoring many satellites at a time. This indicates the growth of this sector. During COVID, it was possible to launch from a remote location which shows the triumph of technology,” he added. He further said that there are different types of satellites that branch out for navigation, maintenance, etc.

“And apart from these, satellites which help the daily life of common people are also present. All these are controlled by different types of software. Cyber security is very important to protect all of these,” Mr Somanath added.

He said advanced technology is a boon and a threat at the same time. “We can face the challenges posed by cyber criminals using technology like artificial intelligence with the same technology. There should be research and hard work towards this end.”

Meanwhile, Kerala Revenue Minister P Rajeev, who inaugurated the concluding session of the conference said that the state is a role model for cyber security governance as the state government is capable of providing adequate security to the cyber arena.

“The state government is capable of providing adequate security to the cyber arena. The government is also providing necessary support to this sector by establishing the Digital University in the state. Kerala is a state where the internet is ensured through K-Fone in every house,” the minister said.

He further said that the c0c0n is a role model for the Indian cyber security sector, which is making the necessary innovations for cyber security. “C0c0n is capable of creating cyber security experts among the next generation,” P Rajeev added.