Four Wheeled All-Terrain Combat Scooter ‘Gor.Go’ Prototype Being Evaluated by Israeli Company Silver Shadow

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: A prototype of a four wheeled all terrain combat scooter is being evaluated by Israeli company Silver Shadow. The special combat scooter was designed by Amos Goren, an Israeli designer of combat platforms.

The Gor.Go is a four wheeled all terrain scooter that is equipped with a bulletproof forward shield. The Gor.Go adds speed and range to infantry soldiers and security personnel during force movement or on patrol.

According to Goren, the Gor.Go provides a bulletproof shield for protection during a frontal assault. The Gor.Go delivers a quick protected advantage and stable response to threats at war or at the perimeter security.

“The quick release bulletproof shield can be utilised by a dismounted soldier in various combat scenarios such as breaching and room entry. The long range of the Gor.Go enables the soldier/security officer to shorten response time to an alarm or threat over distance and through difficult terrain,” says Amos Goren.

He added that the Gor.Go is safe transportation system and a stable platform that enables a quick response to engage a terrorist or the suicide bomber with dynamic protection and support stabilisation enabling shooting while driving with one hand free to operate the gun.

Gor.Go specifications includes – Ballistic Protection Level III / 60V/6000W Brushless Motor (1500Wx4pcs) / 60V50A Lithium Battery / Range – 70 km /  Weight – 155 kg

The Gor.Go prototypes are now being field tested by IDF units in anti-terror operations in the West Bank where Hamas cells are active.