Israel to Use Extreme Force to Effectively Tackle Hezbollah Threat

By Arie Egozi

Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv. The recent fighting in Gaza does not reflect in any way on the type of war that may erupt, if the Hezbollah in Lebanon starts launching its missiles into Israel. Israel in recent years performed hundreds of attacks in Syria on targets that were related to Iran’s project aimed at giving some of  the 140,000 rockets of Hezbollah greater accuracy.

The Israeli campaign was successful, but the terror organization still has a large number of accurate rockets with big warheads. So, Israel will have to stop the launch of these missiles shortly after it begins. The options are focused on using “extreme force” and hitting essential infrastructures of Lebanon, a country that has been taken hostage by the Hezbollah.

While the Israeli defence forces (IDF) refer to the recent confrontation with Gaza as the “first AI war”, this will not be enough in the case of Lebanon. The AI capabilities will be used also in a future war with the Hezbollah, to sift through the incredible amount of intelligence the IDF collected on the Lebanese terror organization in recent years.

In the Gaza war, artificial intelligence (AI) was a key component and force multiplier in fighting the enemy, said a senior officer in the (IDF), as quoted by the Israeli media. Israeli companies have in recent years developed AI based tools for the military intelligence. These tools are carried by different platforms in the air, on the ground and at sea and collect and analyse the ” Big Data” to supply each fire source the relevant targets at any given moment of the fighting.

But as mentioned before in the case of war with the Hezbollah the effort to stop the rockets launch will have to be “fast and accurate” otherwise Israeli citizens will have to spend long days in bomb shelters.

Israeli defence minister Benny  Gantz who was in Washington last week and among other things, asked the US to supply Israel with more accurate powerful air dropped weapon systems. These without any doubt will be used to achieve a fast stop to the anticipated heavy salvos of rockets with large warheads. The request of more of these powerful air dropped weapon systems will be used together with the Israeli made weapon systems, designed for this mission.

-The writer is an International Roving Correspondent of the publication.