Israel Aerospace Industries, German company FFG to Form Joint Venture Company

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel Aerospace Industries and German company FFG are joining forces in the land sector, entering into a joint venture and setting up the new German company FTS Flensburg Technology Systems.

The primary goal of the new company will be the progressive fusion of FFG’s innovative vehicle systems and pioneering technology carriers and IAI’s field-proven state-of-the-art product solutions in fields such as robotics, autonomous capabilities, artificial intelligence, digitalisation and networks, radar, SIGINT, electronic warfare, and situational awareness.

FFG, an established German defence technology systems house – a manufacturer of national key technology in armoured vehicle development and corresponding protection solutions – contributes decades of experience and exceptional knowhow in manufacturing, retrofitting, optimisation, and combat effectiveness as well as in system maintenance.

IAI is one of the largest Israeli companies in the defence and security technology sectors – and is an internationally successful specialist in radars, situational awareness, robotics, and digitalisation as well as in the production and development of radar technology, SIGINT, EW, automated and artificial intelligence, sensors, and (anti-)drone technology.

The companies said that with the new cooperation they will be in a stronger position to successfully meet the upcoming requirements of modern armed forces for the battlefield of the future, along with the needs of national and international customers accordingly.

Particularly in the light of the current security policy challenges, FFG and IAI representatives are convinced that this strategic joint venture will enable the new company to provide our partner states worldwide, with successful advanced solutions and expedient support for the national and global challenges they face.