Iranian Simorgh SLV Fails to Launch Satellites into Orbit, Setback to ICBM Programme



Tel Aviv: The early indications point to an Iranian failure of launching three satellites into orbit by its Simorgh space launch vehicle (SLV). Middle Eastern experts say that according to initial indications the SLV failed to inject the satellites into orbit. The Simorgh SLV is not, and cannot be converted into a kind of ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). This is another failure in a row, of Iran to inject satellite into orbit.


Iran is being photographed from space by spy satellites mainly those operated by the US and Israel. Now Tehran wants to be able to have such a capability as China and Russia are trying to get the budgets earmarked for this program. Some weeks ago, media outlets claimed that Russia agreed to deliver an advanced spy satellite system to Iran that will vastly improve its spying capabilities.

According to some of the reports, Moscow is preparing to give Iran a Kanopus-V satellite. Israeli sources said that this satellite is equipped with a low resolution payload. Israeli experts say that this satellite is used by Russia for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

“This type of satellite will not be of real use to Iran’s military “an Israeli very senior source said. When this deal is surrounded with doubts, one thing is clear – Iran is using Chinese technology to develop more advanced launchers and satellites. If it finally gets the low resolution from Russia, it will be an interim stage until it can launch a high resolution spy satellite based on Chinese technology. Iran plans to accelerate it space program soon after the sanctions are removed.