Iran Unveils New Advanced Armed Drone Mohajer-10

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: Iran has unveiled a very advanced armed drone. Sources said that it is one of the new class of drones Iran is developing with help from the money paid by Russia for the armed drones it buys from Iran and are used in Ukraine.

Iran has unveiled a new drone, the Mohajer-10, with enhanced capabilities and increased flight duration, according to state news media agency.

Iran International, a London based website operated by the opposition to the regime in Tehran reported that an official statement from Iranian media on August 22 revealed that the homemade UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) has an operational range of 2,000 km and can fly for up to 24 hours.

Reports quoted by the website indicate that the drone is equipped to carry missiles, bombs, and hand grenades. It is also outfitted with electronic warfare and reconnaissance systems. Iran claims that drone’s payload capacity can now accommodate up to 300 kilograms, double that of its predecessor – the Mohajer-6 drone.

The Mohajer-10 was unveiled in the presence of President Ebrahim Raisi, and is part of a new generation of Iranian military drones. In parallel with the supply of armed drones to the Russians that uses them in Ukraine, Iran is transferring these unmanned systems to its terror proxies around the world.