AI-Enabled Gun-Mounted Scope Being Tested by Indian Army, Can Turn Soldier Into Marksman

Indian Army

New Delhi: An indigenously-developed scope that can be fitted on any small weapon and turn it into a smart weapon is being tested by the Indian Army. The smart scope is powered by Artificial Intelligence that can detect humans up to 300 metres and also extensively boost border and close combat operations.

The smart scope is currently at its prototype stage, but a miniature version can be made too, Lt Col Nipun Sirohi told a media outlet. “It is an AI-enabled smart scope that can detect moving human targets up to 300 metres. Using AI algorithm and sensory data, it can tell the shooter when to fire. It had an 80-90% accuracy when tested for 100-300 metres,” said Lt Col Sirohi.

According to Lt Col Nipun Sirohi, the scope can help achieve one shot one hit capability and easily turn a soldier into a marksman. The scope first detects the target and makes a red bounding box, after which the camera checks for alignment using the laser and finder. Once the target box turns green, the shooter is alerted that he can fire.

The scope currently has only day firing capability, but it can be turned into night firing device too. The day camera has 50mm lens and 30X zoom, added Lt Col Sirohi.