India Evaluating Israeli Developed Counter UAS Systems

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: India is evaluating Israeli developed counter UAS systems (CUAS). Demonstrations and actual negotiations have been delayed because of the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas terror organisation in Gaza and the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Indian company Adani Defence that has close working relations with the Israeli defence industry, is coordinating the selection process that has been delayed because all the Israeli defence companies are working 24/7 to supply the requirements of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

According to Israeli sources, the three systems that are being evaluated are – the Drone Guard made by ELTA, the electronics subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Drone Dome made by Rafael and the ReDrone made by Elbit Systems.

ELTA’s Drone Guard is based on a combination of 3D radars that trace the air targets, through electro-optical and COMINT means and a dedicated UAS flight disruption system. The Drone Guard system features an integrated multi-layered sensor system that includes: 3D X-band radar that detects and tracks all types of drones; dedicated COMINT system that classifies the drone by its transmission (using the information to verify the target and reduce false detection rates); an EO/IR camera used to classify the detected object; and a Jammer that neutralises and intercepts the object.


Rafael’s Drone Dome is a radar and laser-beam system for detecting and destroying drones, with the company adapting its existing laser systems to handle the threat. Once the system’s radar identifies targets, its laser system destroys them. Drone Dome also features a jamming system for disrupting communications between the drone and its operator. Drone Dome’s range reaches several miles, but causes minimal interruptions to other systems in nearby urban areas. The drone threat is neutralised by activation of directional GPS/GNSS and radio-frequency inhibitor/jammer devices. A laser weapon is optional.

The Elbit Systems ReDrone can detect, identify, locate and neutralise commercial drone threats in real-time, delivering exceptionally effective countermeasures for civilian, HLS, military and paramilitary defence.

The company says that the ReDrone system has been developed using sophisticated, field-proven SIGINT and EW technologies to create a two-level solution that provides options for both short and long-range protection.

The three companies said that there is an interest in their systems in India but were reluctant to comment on any negotiations.