IMCO Group Receives $7 Million Order to Equip Eitan APV with Additional Electrical, Electro-Optic Subsystems

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry
Eitan AFV Photo by the Merkava and Armoured Vehicles Directorate in the IMOD

Tel Aviv: The new Israeli developed Eitan Armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) is being equipped with many locally made systems. Some of the main systems especially the electro-optic ones are made by Israeli company IMCO. The company  recently received an additional NIS 28.5 million (more than $ 7 million) order from the Israel Ministry of Defence Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) for additional electrical and electro-optic subsystems for the IDF’s newest Eitan (8X8) Armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).

Eitan is a new multi-purpose 8×8 wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) developed by Israel’s Defence Ministry’s Merkava and Armoured Vehicles Directorate. It is an advanced, protected combat vehicle with high mobility and firepower capabilities.

Combat proven, the Eitan APV is deployed by the IDF in the current war. IMCO Group’s subsidiaries, IMCO Projects, Nir-Or, ADTI, and EMT will produce the platform electrical and electro-optics subsystems. The subsystems include IMCO Projects’ electric power and control units, operational control panels, platform interconnection cabling, platform main computing cradle unit, and illumination solutions. It also includes Nir-Or’s various computer units and Video Management System, which provides a full video management suite for the vehicle, including a display with an intuitive control interface. Integrating real-time AI analytics, Nir-Or’s solution presents all the needed information for the commander, driver, and gunner, allowing them to manage the mission smartly and effectively while sharing a joint situational awareness picture.

Altogether, IMCO’s subsystems ensure optimal performance and survivability of the APV, and enhanced situational awareness for the operating crew.

“IMCO Group is honoured to be a trusted supplier of Israel’s Defence Ministry’s Merkava main battle tank and Armoured Vehicles Directorate, and to have an exclusive contribution to the production of the Eitan APV. This additional order underscores the trust that the Israeli MOD has in our capabilities,” said IMCO Group CEO, Ariel Kandel.

He added, “Our advanced electrical and electro-optic sub-systems play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance and survivability of the IDF’s newest armoured fighting vehicle. We remain committed to contributing to the nation’s defence capabilities, these days during the war as well as in the latest decades.”