IAI and MT Aerospace to Develop Advanced Hydrogen Applications for Manned Civilian Aircraft & Unmanned Military Drone Systems

Civil Aviation

Berlin. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a world-class aerospace and defence leader, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MT Aerospace AG in which the companies will cooperate in the field of advanced hydrogen applications. 

Under the terms of the MoU, which was signed at the ILA 2024 exhibition in Berlin, the parties will work together on the development, design, production and testing of alternative propulsion systems based on hydrogen for manned civilian aircraft and unmanned military drone systems. In addition, IAI and MT Aerospace AG will work together to assess the potential for decentralised combined heat and power based on hydrogen.

Further development of know-how into complete cryogenic hydrogen storage and supply systems is a differentiating feature for MT Aerospace and is used in electric drive systems for future e-mobility.

Gila Ghlay, VP and GM of the Engineering and Development Division, IAI Aviation Group, said, “IAI has extensive experience in the fields of aeronautics and integration, from conceptual design to certification under CFR. We believe that a future with cleaner skies and a healthier environment, while we continue to excel in our developments, is possible. Therefore, IAI invests in research and development projects that explore alternative energy sources for aeronautic propulsion, including hydrogen. We are excited to work with our colleagues at MT Aerospace, as we work together toward this objective.”

Yehuda (Hudi) Lahav, IAI’s Executive VP of Marketing, added, “This MoU with MT Aerospace marks a significant step forward in the field of advanced hydrogen applications. Together, we will actively explore innovative solutions that unlock a wealth of new opportunities. This collaboration is about creating a future where both our companies, and ultimately, our customers, will thrive.”

Zitat Ulrich Scheib, CEO of MT Aerospace AG commented, “The development of emission-free aircraft engines based on hydrogen propulsion is of crucial importance for the future of global aviation. With our extensive and long-standing expertise in hydrogen technology, we can make a decisive contribution to achieving a significant milestone for IAI’s civil and military aviation applications. The recent successful tests of our hydrogen storage and supply system show that we are already on the right track. We look forward to this international collaboration with our colleagues at IAI and are proud of the trust they have placed in us.”