Indian Air Force Day 2023: 91 Years of Unyielding Sky Dominance & Valour

Indian Air Force

New Delhi. As dawn broke today, the Indian sky, vast and endless, became the canvas of honour for its avian warriors. The 91st anniversary of the Indian Air Force (IAF) is not just a mark on the calendar but an embodiment of pride, reverence, and awe that resonates nationwide. Established in 1932, the legacy of the IAF is the saga of countless heroes who have guarded the nation’s azure frontiers with undying spirit.

This year’s majestic theme, ‘IAF – Airpower Beyond Boundaries,’ is an apt reflection of the service’s expansive capabilities and commitment to overcoming every geographical and strategic hurdle. The country’s 91st Air Force Day has unfurled with a plethora of events, exhibitions, mesmerising air shows, and military parades, letting the nation witness the formidable might of the IAF.

Reliving The Legacy

From its nascence on October 8 1932, as the ‘Royal Indian Air Force’ under British rule to its reincarnation as the ‘Indian Air Force’ post-1947, the IAF has scripted stories of unparalleled bravery. It has stood tall during pivotal moments in India’s history, especially during wars like the Indo-Pakistani confrontations and the high-altitude combat of the Kargil conflict under the now-historic codename’ Operation Safed Sagar.’

Today’s Grandeur at Hindon & Bamrauli

Hindon Air Force Station buzzed with festivity, just a short distance from the national capital. Spectators are treated to the splendour of Air Force parades, aerial stunts, and a view of the modern fleet of the IAF. Meanwhile, the Bamrauli Air Force Station in Prayagraj kickstarted the day with a ceremonial parade. With the day progressing, a mega airshow over Triveni Sangam is awaited, boasting a lineup that includes the mighty Sukhoi 30, MiG 29, Rafale, and Jaguar, with the Akashganga team set to steal the show.

Voices from the Helm

President Droupadi Murmu lauded the IAF, saying, “Our Air Force has been scaling greater heights. The nation is proud to have such a strong, courageous and dynamic Air Force.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the IAF’s valour, commitment, and dedication, emphasising the force’s role in ensuring the safety of Indian skies.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah highlighted the IAF’s formidable force projection, while Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commended its invaluable service during war and peace. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also saluted the IAF’s golden history of bravery and courage.

Touching the Sky with Glory!

The day, rich in ceremonial displays, underpins the IAF’s critical role in preserving the nation’s skies. As jet engines roar in today’s sky, India halts to salute its skyward guardians, hopeful for many more years of their unmatched dedication, bravery, and service. The annual IAF Day serves as a fervent reminder that the sky’s vast expanse is in the safest hands.