HENSOLDT Showcases New Radar Electronic Surveillance Solution at IDEX 2023

GEW RES9000 radar electronic surveillance for the detection, location and analysis of modern radar emitters

Defence Industry

Abu Dhabi. HENSOLDT is presenting its latest spectrum dominance, optronics and radar solutions at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from February 20-24, 2023. With more than 60 000 visitors expected at the 16th edition of the event, HENSOLDT is focusing on the global market, as well as the Middle East as a key strategic market.


As part of its land-based EW and spectrum dominance portfolio, HENSOLDT will be showcasing its newest radar ESM system, the GEW® RES9000, which boasts an innovative and compact tactical emitter classification and intelligence gathering capability.

The RES9000 complements HENSOLDT’s extensive tactical electronic warfare portfolio. “Collected information on surface-based and airborne search and targeting radars can now be fused together with intercepted electronic communications information to provide a collated and concise overview of the electronic order-of-battle (EOB) to battlefield commanders for decisive operational command and control”, says Wimpie van den Berg, HENSOLDT Portfolio Management Executive.


The RES9000’s objective is the interception of modern radar signals for precision direction finding (DF), tactical visualisation of gathered emitter information, emitter classification and matching of intercepted emissions to an emitter library, and reporting and tracking of radar threats in the 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz frequency range.

A novel, instantaneous-bandwidth, wideband receiver provides exceptional situational awareness, with a very high probability of intercept (POI). In combination with a high-sensitivity narrowband receiver, the system allows for high-fidelity radar parameter extraction and matching to emitters. Omnidirectional coverage and high-accuracy direction finding is done through multi-channel processing of compact full band staring antenna arrays.

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Accurate emitter classification and matching to a user populated threat library is achieved through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine driven analysis. ELINT processing and analysis is available with the addition of HENSOLDT’s ELINT analysis software which is specifically designed for advanced, technical analysis of low-probability-of-intercept (LPI) and time-overlapping modern radars.

“Being well-known in the spectrum dominance field, HENSOLDT GEW has recognised the boundaries between the communications domain and the radar domain are fusing and our customers no longer focus on each domain separately. We have invested heavily over the past few years in the development of a modern and compact radar ES solution closely integrated with our tactical EW systems to create a complete electromagnetic intelligence solution, which we believe will offer significant value to our customers in dealing with their EM threats,” says Christo Fouché, Chief Executive Sales and Marketing of HENSOLDT SA’s spectrum dominance business.