HENSOLDT Showcases New-generation South African Radar to SA Navy

Defence Industry
Senior representatives from the South African Navy and members from HENSOLDT’s Radar team

Cape Town. HENSOLDT, a global pioneer of technology and innovation in the aerospace, defence, and security sectors, hosted a delegation of officers from the South African Navy to demonstrate the new-generation Quadome 3D surface and surveillance radar. Developed in collaboration with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), this radar represents a significant advancement in naval surveillance technology.

The demonstration not only highlights local innovation but also underscores HENSOLDT’s commitment to partnering with local and international experts to drive innovation. The Quadome is the latest addition to the HENSOLDT Group’s extensive radar portfolio, featuring new-generation technology that offers advanced situational awareness and extremely short reaction times at a competitive price. This multi-mission surveillance and target-acquisition radar features dual-mode operation and active electronically-steered antenna (AESA) technology, enabling rapid detection and tracking of small, slow, and fast targets, thus providing a reliable air picture. The Quadome streamlines operator interaction and reduces workload, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


“Quadome is designed to maximise system performance, while minimising acquisition and life-cycle costs,” says Bennie Langenhoven, Chief Executive of HENSOLDT South Africa’s Radar business unit.

The system’s compact size and excellent price-performance ratio make it ideally suited for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), corvettes, light frigates and support vessels. Its affordability and performance make it a compelling choice for maritime security operations, providing 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities to vessels that may otherwise only have been fitted with 2D target-detection capability. Quadome is software-defined, allowing adaptation to the changing operational environment, and offers a predictive maintenance approach by synchronising maintenance activities with port visits, thus extending its operational lifetime.


The Quadome radar development programme, undertaken in South Africa since 2019, has brought together a significant number of engineers from HENSOLDT South Africa, the CSIR and strategic local partners. It is currently the largest defence radar development programme in South Africa and positions HENSOLDT South Africa as a key player in radar technology globally. Quadome is developed using only local IP and is not subject to foreign export control.

“We are proud to showcase the Quadome radar to the South African Navy, highlighting the remarkable progress we have made in local development,” said Bennie Langenhoven, Chief Executive of HENSOLDT South Africa’s Radar business unit. “This collaboration demonstrates the depth of South African innovation in the defence sector.”

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The demonstration aimed to strengthen partnerships and foster a collaborative approach to addressing the evolving challenges in local maritime security. The advanced surveillance capabilities of the Quadome can play a pivotal role in enhancing maritime security and safeguarding critical interests, aligning with the SA Navy’s vision of being unchallenged at sea and using information to achieve mission success.

Protecting vital resources and safeguarding the maritime economy in South Africa, spanning a 3 000 km coastline, make advanced technologies such as the Quadome essential for success. In addition to targeting the local market, HENSOLDT South Africa expects to generate significant foreign direct investment by leveraging the HENSOLDT Group’s international sales channels, exporting the system to customers worldwide.


The radar will undergo extensive evaluation and sea trials to demonstrate system performance and environmental requirements, with initial production deliveries scheduled for the second half of 2025.