Israeli Intelligence Organisations Warn Europe of Hamas Terror Attacks Threat

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: Hamas cells in Europe may start performing terror attacks in some European countries after receiving orders from Iran. This is the warning issued by the Israeli intelligence organisations.

Dr Mordechai Kedar, a very senior expert on Islamic issues told Raksha Anirveda that the Hamas is one branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and it is very “deep in European countries”. Kedar added the while most of the Muslims that immigrated to European countries in recent years, want good peaceful life – some are there waiting for orders from Iran.

The expert added that the US and Europe have been ‘Sleep Walking” and have not realised the build-up of the threat. “Now they finally woke up. The US has sent forces to the Middle East and Britain has sent spy planes to monitor the Hams activities in Gaza.”

According to Iran International, a website operated by the opposition to the Iranian regime, MI5 – the UK’s security service, has stated that amid the war between Iran-backed Hamas and Israel, Iran may be exploring new ways to threaten the security of Britain.

Speaking at a security summit in the US, Ken McCallum, the Director-General of MI5, referred to “hostile activity by the Islamic Republic in the UK,” emphasising that countering threats from Tehran remains a top priority.

“Iran has been a rising source of concern and a rising source of task for MI5 over the last 18 months or so in particular,” he said.