Garuda Aerospace Launches its Flagship Border Patrol Surveillance Drone Trishul

Defence Industry

New Delhi: Leading the way with innovation and first in segment offerings, India’s foremost drone-tech company, Garuda Aerospace announced the launch of Border Patrol Surveillance Drone  Trishul.

Launched as Garuda Aerospace’s flagship Border Patrol Surveillance Drone, Trishul will empower forces in times of need for monitoring and analysis and people movement. Trishul can also be used in times of natural disasters, calamities and emergencies to gain access to real-time images and videos or to gain access to suspicious activities. The drones can also be used to assess traffic situations.


Trishul provides wide-angle visibility of on-ground activity thus empowering ground control teams to take critical and effective decisions promptly.  In addition to providing information such as the density and direction of gathering as well as their movement patterns, Trishul makes way for teams to safely monitor extensive variables while being remotely stationed.

Equipped with a variety of sensors, such as high-definition cameras, infrared cameras, LIDAR, and radar, Trishul can also provide data regarding, speed, safety threats, crowd dynamics, and potential disturbances.


Speaking on the launch, Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, of Garuda Aerospace“Over the years Garuda Aerospace has established its dominance as a pioneering drone technology company. We have grown our fleet of drones considerably and have been a partner of choice with our Drone-As-A-Service offering. The launch of Trishul exemplifies our commitment to building a sustainable drone ecosystem, with products and services that set new benchmarks. Trishul makes way for uninterrupted access to critical real-time information and enables prompt decision-making. We are excited about this new launch and look forward to innovating to introduce more products that are category-defining.”


Backed by investor and brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Garuda Aerospace has drones including Kisan Drones, Surya – Solar Panel Cleaning Drone, Vriksh Vihaan Seed Dropping Drone among others.