Gaganyaan Mission: Sagar Defence Engineering’s Maritime Spotter Drones Showcases its Indispensable Role


New Delhi: The recovery phase of ISRO’s Gaganyaan mission showcased the indispensable role of Maritime Spotter Drones and the remarkable capabilities of the Indian Navy through the use of such technology. The mission’s critical recovery phase which involves ensuring astronauts secure return to Earth, amplified by the use of autonomous Maritime Spotter Drones. These drones developed by Sagar Defence Engineering – a national award-winning startup, emerged as invaluable assets.

Speaking to a media outlet last week, Capt Nikunj Parashar, Managing Director and founder of Sagar Defence Engineering explained: “The Indian Navy’s Maritime Spotter Drones, with their cutting-edge technology, were instrumental in swiftly and accurately locating the crew module TV-D1 and its subsequent splashdown in the sea. This precise locating capability was paramount in underlining the critical importance of these autonomous systems in space exploration endeavours.”

He added that these spotter drones were equipped with advanced live-streaming capabilities, providing real-time video tracking and situational awareness through satellite transmission of data from the Indian Navy’s recovery area at sea to ISRO’s mission control in Sriharikota.

According to Capt Nikunj Parashar, this real-time communication was pivotal, providing mission control with immediate insights into the status of the crew module and facilitating rapid decision-making by playing an essential role in guiding recovery vessels to the precise location of the module. This not only expedited the recovery process but also enhanced the overall safety and efficiency of the mission. These autonomous systems proved to be instrumental in streamlining the recovery operation, aiming to make human spaceflight missions safer and more efficient in the future.

Capt Parashar said that it exemplifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and ensuring the safety and well-being of astronauts during their journey to and from space. This milestone reaffirms the importance of defence organisations and space agencies working in tandem, setting the stage for even more remarkable achievements in space exploration and reinforcing India’s position as a nation with a steadfast dedication to advancing the frontiers of space exploration.

The collaborative prowess of the Indian Navy, ISRO and the nation’s indigenisation efforts was proven with the successful integration of Maritime Spotter Drones into the Gaganyaan mission.