Europe’s Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection Strategy Triggers High Demand for Rafael’s BNET

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv: European countries became highly aware of the effects of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) while analysing the lessons derived so far from the Russian invasion to Ukraine and especially the very insinuate threats about the possible use of nuclear weapons.

High-altitude nuclear detonations and electromagnetic bombs can generate EMP that has the potential to damage or destroy electronic devices over widespread areas. Electric power systems would also be at risk from surges produced by such weapons.

According to a paper released by the US State Department, the EMP from a kiloton-range surface nuclear explosion would not be expected to produce serious damage outside the radius of severe destruction from blast. When detonated, an EMP weapon produces a pulse of energy that creates a powerful electromagnetic field capable of short-circuiting a wide range of electronic equipment, particularly computers, satellites, radios, radar receivers and even civilian traffic lights. Since EMP is electromagnetic energy traveling at the speed of light, all of the vulnerable electronic equipment in the detonation zone could be affected simultaneously.

Israel is aware of the dangerous poised by an EMP and some of the defence companies have developed systems that are immune to the effects of EMP. Rafael, for example, has developed a technology that will help protect electrical power infrastructure from Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) hazards.

Some years ago, a leading US power company has installed a US FCC-certified version of Rafael’s EMP-protected BNET radio as part of its EMP protection strategy. This was the first commercial installation of a BNET

radio, Rafael’s software-defined cognitive radio with EMP-protections for ‘Black Sky’ Hazards and other potential threats. A ‘Black Sky’ Hazard is defined as a catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long durations.

So far the BNET has been used by armies around the world. It is the first time that this unique systems is selected for EMP protection. Now the interest, especially in Europe is soaring.

According to Rafael, BNET is a unique Software Defined Radio Network architecture, enabling the future of digitized warfare by delivering wideband, with low delay and reliable connectivity. By simultaneously receiving and processing hundreds of MHz‘s and merging them into a single IP network, BNET provides unprecedented network capacity in terms of data rates, number of users and minimal delay.

The Israeli company said that BNET has the ability to cognitively manage the scarce spectrum resources providing seamless force merge and minimal planning with efficient spectrum usage. The SDR system optimises the spectrum utilisation, while the use of advanced waveforms deliver high speed networking, supporting live video, image transfer, voice and data, the Rafael official added.