Epsilor to Unveil New Generation NATO 6T Li-Ion Battery at Eurosatory 2024

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Military systems use a lot of electric energy. Add on systems like sensors and sub systems are energy “hungry”. To deal with this operational problem, Israeli company Epsilor has completed the development of its new generation NATO 6T Li-Ion battery for defence vehicles, offering the highest energy capacity in the market of 4,350Wh/172Ah.

The new battery, named ELI-52526-GM, will be presented at the global defence tradeshow, Eurosatory-2024, which will take place in Paris, France, on June 17-24, 2024 (Hall 6, Stand J241).

During the last year, Epsilor’s Li-Ion 6T batteries have been delivered to the US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Centre (GVSC) for a series of safety, performance, and aging tests, aimed to receive an official certification by the Army. The rigorous test campaign includes bullet penetration, heat up to 500 degrees Celsius, performance in extremely cold and hot temperatures, long cycle life, communication with client’s platforms, and more. All tests are part of the Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-32565C.

The new battery, which will be presented at Eurosatory-2024, is a new international version based on the US Army designated product.

Named ELI-52526-GM, the new battery is designed for defence vehicles and tactical energy storage applications. It will provide military users with 4 times more energy than traditional Lead-Acid batteries of the same size, and approximately 50% more energy than any other 6T Li-Ion battery offered in the market.

The new Li-Ion 6T batteries enable defence platforms to perform long silent-watch missions in extreme climates, to store energy which has been created by diesel generators and renewable sources, and to power ground military robotics which have become common in militaries around the world.

“A major obstacle which we managed to overcome is the battery safety issue”, said Ronen Badichi, President of Epsilor. “By using a unique stainless steel energy absorbing enclosure and a directional pressure release mechanism, we have incorporated the most energetic Li-Ion cells available in the market, while staying within the demanding safety requirements of the US Army’s specifications,” Badichi concluded.

Epsilor’s Li-Ion 6T batteries are offered in several main configurations:
– High-energy MIL-PRF-32565C compliant battery
– High-energy light battery for robotics
– LFP light and safe version

Epsilor’s Li-Ion 6T batteries are being used by leading vehicle manufacturers and defence operators onboard numerous platforms, in over 15 countries, including US, South Korea, Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Colombia, Austria, and more.