Epsilor Chosen by Rafael to Develop and Produce Multi-Charger Racks for SPIKE Launchers’ Batteries

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: The Spike family of anti-tank missiles made by Israeli company Rafael is used in more than 30 countries all over the world. An Israeli company has unveiled a charger that can charge the missile launchers, very fast and in great numbers.


Epsilor, a world-recognised developer and manufacturer of smart Li-Ion batteries and chargers, has announced that it has been chosen by Rafael to develop and produce Multi-Charger Racks (MCR) for its SPIKE SR and SPIKE LR launchers’ batteries.

The development and production of the Multi-Charger Rack, will enable customers to continuously charge stored batteries, ensuring fully charged batteries are constantly ready to use for SPIKE launchers. The first delivery is expected by end of 2024.


“This is yet another innovative milestone in the development of an ultimate multi-charging solution,” said VP Marketing and Sales, Hagai Shmuel. “Further expanding our customers’ capabilities by simultaneously charging up to 40 batteries, empowering both gear and defence force domination.”

SPIKE SR (Short Range), part of Rafael’s SPIKE family of precision guided EO Missiles, is an advanced fire and forget, electro-optical guided missile that delivers enhanced lethality for dismounted soldiers for up to 2 km, enabling instant responses to a multitude of evolving threats with full operational flexibility.

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The system is tailored precisely for infantry forces engaged in current and future conflicts. Lightweight and shoulder-launched with a rugged design and operational simplicity, it provides versatility and rapid response capabilities essential in modern high-intensity conflicts as well as hybrid warfare.

SPIKE LR2, part of Rafael’s SPIKE family of precision-guided EO Missiles, is a state-of-the-art, EO, multi–purpose, multi-platform, powerful, versatile and precise 5th generation missile system that meets the complex needs of modern warfare. Combat-proven, SPIKE LR2 ‒ which can be used for infantry, armoured vehicles, naval vessels and helicopters ‒ operates at long range, up to 5.5 km, with unparalleled precision.


SPIKE LR2 successfully engages direct, Non-Line-of-Sight, and Beyond-Line-of-Sight targets. The missile has various operational modes – Fire & Forget, Fire & Observe, and Fire to Target Coordinates – delivering unparalleled performance and high lethality.

SPIKE LR2 includes a powerful tandem HEAT warhead that can defeat any of today’s tanks, vehicles, or maritime vessels ‒ and can be used in urban combat against structural targets found in urban settings for in-structure detonation.

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