Elbit Systems Awarded Contracts Worth $ 760 Million for the Supply of Ammunitions to IMOD

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel is making a big effort to fill its weapons stockpiles that reached the red line due to the ongoing war. The war that broke out on October 7 dwindled the stockpiles of the Israeli defence forces (IDF) and forced Israel to ask the US for emergency delivery of some types of ammunition, mainly for artillery and tanks.


Elbit Systems was awarded a group of contracts in an aggregate amount of approximately $760 million for the supply of ammunitions to the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD). The contracts will be performed over a period of two years.

As previously reported by the company, since the beginning of the Swords of Iron war, Elbit Systems has experienced a substantial increase in demand for its products and solutions from the IMOD compared to the demand levels prior to the war.


According to the Israeli company, subject to further developments, which are difficult to predict, the IMOD’s increased demand for the Elbit’s products and solutions may continue and could generate significant additional orders to the company.