Elbit Systems Awarded a $300 Million Contract to Supply Armoured Vehicle Systems to a European Customer

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry
Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems

Haifa, Israel: Elbit Systems announced February 20 that it has been awarded a contract in an amount of approximately $300 million to supply weapon, reconnaissance, driving, and situational awareness systems for approximately 230 armoured vehicles, to a European customer.

The contract will be performed over a period of six years and includes custom design, production, lifecycle maintenance and complete in-country support.

Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems, commented: “This contract underscores the customers high level of satisfaction for our systems and solutions already in service. It also reinforces Elbit Systems leadership in the armoured vehicle market, underpinned by our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.”

Elbit Systems’ advanced combat vehicle systems are designed to enhance the mission-readiness of crews operating tanks and armoured vehicles. See-through-Armour (STA) is a revolutionary, panoramic observation system, enabling operators to understand and experience their environment from a single image. Using algorithms that electronically join imagery collected by video cameras installed around the vehicle, the STA provides a seamless 360-degree real-time panoramic view.

Elbit Systems’ legacy head-up, eyes-out aerial technology to the closed hatched armoured vehicle environment, Iron Vision generates an image that enables the crew to see through armoured shields, helping them overcome inherent visibility limitations, while improving mission efficiency and safety. Real-time, zero latency, high-resolution video is transmitted to the Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD), providing the crew with a natural, conformal view of the vehicle surroundings.

In addition, Elbit Systems offers Comprehensive Protection for Fighting Vehicles with 360-degree coverage that supports effective and timely responses to laser and radar-guided threats. Elbit Systems’ Laser Warning System (E-LAWS) and Threat Detection System (TDS) accurately detect, categorise and pinpoint laser sources such as rangefinders, designators, beam riders, infrared illuminators and trainers. In addition to laser sources, the Multi-Threat Detection System (MTDS) detects, categorises and pinpoints radar/RF sources. These systems offer an accurate angle of arrival (AoA), high-detection probability and low false-alarm rate.

A sophisticated suite of fully integrated Fire Control Systems (FCS) offer unparalleled performance in battlefield conditions, featuring long-range, day and night, on-the-move high first-round hit probability against moving targets. Reliable, cost-effective and easily configurable to a wide variety of AFVs and MBTs, the systems range from simplified FCS for one-man light turrets to high-performance hunter-killer FCS for front-line MBTs.

The Electric Gun and Turret Drive System (EGTDS) significantly enhances turret stabilisation and firing on-the-move. The system provides smooth target tracking at high-speeds and in all firing positions, even for heavy guns and turrets. In addition, the system improves safety by eliminating the need for the highly flammable hydraulic fluid used in conventional systems. The Driver Thermal Vision System comprises a thermal imaging camera based on an uncooled detector and a ruggedized LCD display installed inside the vehicle.