EDGE’s CARACAL Sign Agreement with ICOMM (Group Company of MEIL) for Historic Transfer of Technology in Small Arms

  • EDGE entity CARACAL sign Licensing Agreement with India’s ICOMM (Group Company of MEIL) for localised production of CARACAL firearms
  • The agreement marks the first-ever Transfer of Technology in small arms from UAE to India

Defence Industry

Abu Dhabi, UAE. EDGE entity CARACAL, a leading small arms manufacturer, today signed a partnership licensing agreement with India-based ICOMM, a market leader in developing and manufacturing missile and sub-systems, communications and EW systems, UAV’s, electro-optics, shelters, composites, as well as other systems technology such as counter drones. The agreement was signed at IDEX 2023, one of the largest tri-service defence exhibitions in the world, which is being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, until February 24.


Under the agreement, ICOMM will partner with CARACAL in the development of a full portfolio of locally manufactured small arms for the Indian market. The partnership is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and marks a momentous occasion for CARACAL and ICOMM, as the first-ever Transfer of Technology (ToT) in small arms from the UAE to India.

Hamad Al Ameri, CEO of CARACAL, said: “This strategically important signing with ICOMM for collaboration in the Indian market is a key objective for CARACAL. As India continues to realise its sovereign defence ambitions, we look forward to partnering with ICOMM, whose capabilities in providing end-to-end solutions across multiple sectors, including engineering and defence, complements CARACAL’s portfolio of advanced small arms.


“Following a previous MoU with ICOMM, signed last year, this agreement for a Transfer of Technology will be enable ICOMM to offer a comprehensive line of small arms in order to meet requirements set out by the Indian government’s fast track procurement for the Indian Army.”

Sumanth P, Chief of ICOMM, said: “India’s Defence industry is on a strong path to develop its sovereign manufacturing capabilities. This agreement exemplifies the commitment shown by CARACAL to aid India’s ambitions towards making the defence sector self-sufficient and self-reliant.”

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“CARACAL’s complete line of small arms will be produced in ICOMM’s world-class design, development and manufacturing centre in Hyderabad. Presently, ICOMM is a one of the largest companies in manufacturing missiles & sub-systems, communications & EW systems, radars, electro-optics, composites, loitering munitions, shelters, drone & counter drone system. Our entry into small arms production is a proud moment for us.”

ICOMM will manufacture the full range of CARACAL small arms, including the versatile CARACAL EF pistol (9mm), modern CMP 9 sub machine gun (9mm), CAR 816 (5.56 x 45mm) and CAR 817 (7.62 x 51 mm) assault rifles, CAR 817 DMR (308) tactical sniper rifle, CSR 50 (12.7 x 99mm) anti-material sniper rifle, CSR 338 and CSR 308 bolt action sniper rifles and the CSA 338 semi-automatic sniper rifle.