EDGE Launches Cybersecurity Solution to Enhance Regulatory and Compliance Management


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Abu Dhabi, UAE: EDGE entity ORYXLABS, an award-winning leader in digital risk protection and advanced cyber solutions, has announced the launch of Cyber360, a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution which addresses and manages organisations’ regulatory and compliance requirements.

Cyber360 is designed to streamline regulatory and compliance management by automating data collection across different entities and compliance standards. It also evaluates the cybersecurity posture of an organisation’s supply chain, vendors, and partners, to provide an additional layer of security. This solution directly aligns with the UAE Cyber Security Council’s mandate to support organisations in establishing rigorous standards and requirements for cybersecurity compliance across digital government systems, networks, and infrastructure.

Waleid Al Mesmari, Senior Vice President – Space & Cyber Technologies, EDGE said: “The launch of Cyber360 is testament to ORYXLABS and EDGE’s dedication to reinforcing the UAE’s cyber resilience while also enabling organisations worldwide to implement stringent compliance and security protocols. With Cyber360, we’re aligning with the mandate set forth by the UAE Cyber Security Council and showcasing our commitment to safeguarding the digital realm.”

Sumit Dhar, CEO of ORYXLABS, said: “At ORYXLABS, we aim to be at the forefront of digital risk and cybersecurity innovation. As businesses navigate the complexities of the digital era, our goal is to equip them with a comprehensive platform that not only ensures compliance but also transforms cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for growth. We’re proud to add Cyber360 to our portfolio of award-winning Discovery and DNS Firewall solutions, reinforcing our mission to protecting organisations from ever-evolving threats.”

Established in 2020, ORYXLABS provides award-winning cybersecurity solutions to safeguard clients from emerging cyber threats. With a strong focus on advanced research, engineering, and innovation, the company has been entrusted with addressing cybersecurity challenges at scale while delivering exceptional services to its clients.