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Raksha Anirveda’s latest web feature attempts to evaluate and understand the impact of technology in reshaping India's power aspiration through its Indian Armed Forces’ modernisation programme. The featured articles have been diligently curated. These articles analyse Indian Armed Forces’ adoption of innovation and technology. procurement of critical technology to become Aatmanirbhar, adaptability to disruptive and emerging technologies, and its digitisation efforts to emerge as a strong future-ready force. Raksha Anirveda invites esteemed readers - the driving force behind its evolving benchmark to indulge, explore and evaluate the feature presentation. Happy Reading!

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EDGE Announces Launch of UAE’s Leading Innovation and Industry 4.0 Learning Hub at the World Government Summit

  • Abu Dhabi-based Learning & Innovation Factory will innovate at the forefront of technology, within an experiential and immersive environment
  • Pioneering 22,000 sq. ft. facility is an Industry 4.0 and operational excellence training and demonstration hub

Defence Industry
Abu Dhabi – UAE: EDGE has officially launched the first major phase of its cutting-edge Learning & Innovation Factory (LIF), a pioneering Industry 4.0 ‘one-stop hub’ providing an inspiring and immersive environment for learning, innovation, and operational excellence – empowering talent with key skillsets and capabilities across multiple spheres of advanced technology.

EDGE, which is the region’s leading advanced technology group, and a partner of the World Government Summit 2022 being held at EXPO Dubai, has seized the opportunity to focus attention on its strategy of developing UAE sovereign capabilities, and the importance it is placing on the training and upskilling of its talent. LIF will embody Industry 4.0 technologies to support digital transformation and business excellence.

The first phase of the opening throughout 2022 will encompass upskilling programmes for EDGE’s workforce, providing them with extensive best-in-class training curriculums spanning at least five domains, including Lean Management, Six Sigma, Lean Digital, Analytics & IoT, and Agile Management, ranging from Foundation Level to Advanced Level, and connecting operational excellence to the digital world. LIF combines theory, technology, and practice under one roof to drive improvement, and inspire an innovative approach to transform future processes and products.

The second phase, planned from 2023 onwards, will see the facility opened up to provide its training programmes to UAE based organisations, for educational partnerships, and eventually to international participants.

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDGE, said: “The creation of the Learning & Innovation Factory is a natural progression for us, mirroring the giant steps EDGE is taking globally in the field of advanced technology. LIF is a unique gemstone in the UAE and is purpose-built to spearhead innovation and operational improvements, all the way from the shopfloor to the boardroom.”

“As part of our Industry 4.0 roadmap, we continue to lead the development of local and international talent to play our part in driving the UAE into a world-leading hub of future technologies in full support of the national Value Added programme. We will achieve this by tapping into the wealth of talent and expertise already available within EDGE, and through collaborating with some of the leading educational institutions. We are immensely proud to launch this unique facility and anticipate that it will present great opportunities for a more technologically advanced and agile future.”