DRDO Gives Demo of Its Anti-Drone System to  Armed Forces

Defence Industry


New Delhi: In a boost for the aerial security-related capabilities of the security forces, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) carried out an urgent demonstration of its anti-drone system at Kolar.

The development gains much significance as it comes shortly after the recent drone terror attack on an Air Force base in Jammu last month. The system would help the three services in securing their key locations, assets and installations.

It is believed that the DRDO system will involve attributes like detection, jamming and countermeasures to engage. It is likely to cost Rs 22 crore a piece if the purchase order is for 100 systems or more. The system offers a detection capability of up to four kilometres with a “soft kill” option by way of radio frequency jamming which disables the communication. It also boasts of features like GPS spoofing-cum-jamming system which works on neutralising the remote locating system in a drone.

It should be noted that in a bid to scale up the production of the said system, DRDO is said to have roped in the Tatas, L&T and the Adani group as ToT (transfer of technology) partners for making this indigenously developed anti-drone system in the private sector. So far, state-owned Bharat Electronics Limited was the only entity designated to manufacture the system.