Dhruva Space and Swedish Space Corporation Expand Ground Station Network Synergies, Indicative of the Long-standing Indo-Swedish Bilateral Cooperation


Hyderabad. Dhruva Space and Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) have taken a step further in their long-standing partnership, indicating a commitment to further collaboration in the realm of satellite ground station networks, to help accelerate the growth of Swedish and Indian new space industries initiatives. Dhruva Space will be leveraging the SSC network of Ground Stations for LEAP-1, an upcoming hosted payload satellite mission, which is slated for launch later in 2024.

This engagement marks a significant milestone in the existing collaboration between Dhruva Space and SSC in fuelling the goal of ease of access to space through Dhruva Space’s full stack space engineering solutions offering through a Hosted Payload Mission.

This engagement builds on Dhruva Space’s expertise in full-stack space solutions, encompassing satellite manufacturing, launch services, and mission operations, augmented by SSC’s decades-long experience in establishment and operations of Ground Station operations and satellite communication services. Having a network of ground stations for the Launch Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) is essential for ensuring the success, safety, and operational integrity of satellite missions. These stations play a critical role in facilitating communication, data transfer, tracking, and control during the crucial early stages of a satellite’s journey to orbit.

This agreement is a stepping stone aiming at future collaborations including collaborative Ground Station operations, the sharing of resources, expertise, and infrastructure to optimise Ground Station operations for both India and Sweden, as well as potential collaboration in joint research projects and development initiatives that leverage the strengths of both nations.

The ongoing collaboration between SSC and Dhruva Space stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between India and Sweden. The Indo-Sweden Space cooperation date back to 1986; this partnership has progressed over the years, examples of such synergies include Swedish payload SARA, designed by Institute of Space Physics, having travelled onboard India’s first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1; India having become an Observer at the Arctic Council during the 2013 Kiruna Ministerial meeting; and the continued interactions and business across both Government and Industry levels.

Sanjay Nekkanti, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Dhruva Space, comments on the partnership, “We are honoured that our long-term partnership with Swedish Space Corporation continues and is further strengthened to the next level. Having undertaken advanced studies in Sweden and successfully completing a program at the Esrange Space Centre in Kiruna, this collaboration holds significant value for me as both a space scientist and an entrepreneur. Therefore, enabling this through the well-established Indo-Sweden synergies, shows the benefits of our combined operational capabilities. By leveraging our combined strengths, we aim to redefine the standards of efficiency and accessibility in the deployment of payloads to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).”

Nekkanti highlights, “Without Ground Station Networks, the promises offered by low earth orbiting satellites would remain under-utilised. The future of LEO missions relies heavily on the continued development and evolution of ground stations, paving the way for a connected and technologically advanced world.”

Fredrik Gisle, Head of APAC Market Region, SSC, added, “We are delighted to expand our relations with Dhruva Space and to support their upcoming LEAP-1 mission with our ground station network. Sweden and India have a long history of collaboration in a wide range of industries, including the space sector where SSC most recently supported ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission. With Dhruva Space, we look forward to further exploring the NewSpace sector together with an innovative provider of space engineering solutions. Dhruva Space is SSC’s first private customer in India and our intention is to keep deepening our relationship and expanding our cooperation, as well as other customers in India as our ground station network continues to grow”.

Marking an exciting new phase in the evolution of Dhruva Space and SSC’s relationship, the agreement was signed at the first ever India-Sweden Space and Geospatial Business Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, coordinated by the Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) and the Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC). This landmark agreement marks a significant step in further fostering international collaboration and advancing Ground Station activities worldwide.