Dassault Aviation Welcomes Supreme Court Decision on India-France Rafale Deal

The company reaffirms full commitment to India and Indian people

Defence Industry

Saint Cloud, France. Dassault Aviation has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of India rendered on December 14 dismissing all petitions filed on the Rafale Contract signed on September 23, 2016 in the frame of an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) between India and France.

Dassault Aviation took note of the Supreme Court conclusions establishing the absence of any irregularities in the decision-making process to purchase 36 Rafale, pricing of Rafale jets and selection of Indian offset partners including Anil Ambani owned Reliance Defence by Dassault Aviation.

It may be noted here that soon after the verdict given by the Supreme Court, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in a combined press conference on December 14 welcomed the decision of the Apex Court.

Dassault Aviation has proudly supported the needs of the Government of India and the Indian Air Force since 1953 and the induction of the Toofani aircraft.

Fully committed in a strong relationship of mutual trust with India for over 65 years now, all resources of Dassault Aviation are entirely mobilized to make the Rafale, chosen by India in 2012 following a very complete competitive bidding process and evaluation, the spearhead of the Indian Air Force.

“The deal is absolutely clean in accordance with Indian laws and regulations, as I have stated before, and the first Falcon part is currently under delivery out of our facility in Nagpur” stated Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Dassault Aviation is dedicated to establishing successfully the Make in India as promoted by Prime Minister Modi.

It will ensure successful production in the country through the Dassault Reliance Joint Venture in Nagpur as well as through a full-fledged supply chain network involving already 30 companies with which Dassault Aviation signed contracts and additional 60 companies currently under discussions.

The company stands committed to continuing its dedication to bringing full support to the needs of India in the future.

About Dassault Aviation and India:

Dassault Aviation aircraft have been an integral part of Indian defence forces for over six decades. The first Dassault Aviation aircraft, Toofani was supplied to India in 1953, followed by the Mystere IV, the naval Alize, the Jaguar (manufactured under license by HAL) and the Mirage 2000.

These aircraft have contributed to Indian sovereignty all along and the Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft continues to be the IAF’s “cutting edge” till date. 36 Rafales fighter aircraft has been acquired as per the IGA signed on September 23, 2016 to equip the Indian Air Force.