Creomagic Unveils Cognitive Software-Defined Radios – CreoNet

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Modern wars require very sophisticated communication systems. Recent global conflicts have highlighted critical challenges to tactical communication on the modern battlefield. With the increasing prevalence of autonomous units, field awareness has become more advanced than ever before, demanding large volumes of information transfer and synchronisation.


The ability to transfer critical data and video in the field necessitates network scaling, security and data rates – not to mention the growing need to combat EW. With units on the move, complex topological environments and contested spectrum environments, information has to flow through an optimal route by means of a dynamic network free of interference and disconnections.

Israeli company Creomagic has unveiled the CreoNet cognitive software-defined radios (CSDR). According to the company, this communication system not only create fully encrypted networks, but also continuously analyse the electromagnetic spectrum and environment in real time, detecting and identifying potential threats and interference. Without any need for operator intervention, their technology automatically and autonomously chooses the best parameters to mitigate the effects of these factors on communication performance, thereby maintaining connectivity continuity and reliability across the network.


Creomagic’s technology employs machine learning to detect patterns in the frequency spectrum that indicate the presence of interference and other sources of noise, and then automatically adjusts their parameters by switching to alternative frequencies, modulation techniques or waveforms. Their software uses this information along with environmental data to make informed decisions, adjust parameters and choose the best frequency.

CreoNet’s unique EW technology operates across two waveforms simultaneously, creating two tactical bubbles: one for broadband information transmission, and another, immune and invisible, for tactical awareness. This dual-waveform approach ensures a smooth transition between the different waveforms and maximises performance during EW blockages.

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Says Alexander Shapochnik, Creomagic’s CEO, “The ability to operate across multiple simultaneous waveforms enables us to address the most critical challenges of modern tactical communication in an affordable manner, ensuring continuity as well as low probability of detection and interference. Our solutions excel in extremely demanding and unpredictable scenarios, such as EW and areas of congested spectrum, thereby boosting operational effectiveness and providing a tactical edge.”