Collins Aerospace Communication Systems – Securing Man and Machine with Cutting-Edge Technology

Through its broad spectrum of advanced, battle-proven solutions – in all domains, in both manned and unmanned platforms – that serve the war fighters of today and tomorrow, Collins Aerospace communication systems keep defence forces connected in complex and rapidly changing environments

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Sunil Raina, Managing Director, Customer & Account Management, Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp., is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defence industry. We deliver a broad spectrum of advanced, battle-proven solutions – in all domains, in both manned and unmanned platforms – that serve the war fighters of today and tomorrow. Our unique ability to leverage technologies across our commercial and military market segments provides increased flexibility as well as reduced total lifecycle and acquisition costs through open systems and commercial-off-the-shelf technology solutions. We are backed by a global network of service and support to increase mission readiness.

Even in complex and rapidly changing environments, Collins Aerospace communication systems keep defence forces connected. Our modernized military communication systems and sophisticated software-defined radio technologies provide advanced effectiveness within and between domains. And not only do our solutions span the entire operational spectrum, they integrate seamlessly with existing platforms at very low operating costs.


Ground Communications

From secure, high-frequency radios to sophisticated software-defined radio technologies, our ground communications solutions span the entire operational spectrum and integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing platforms.

Ground HF communications: Maintaining communication connectivity is critical in times of conflict. Our satellite communications solutions offer extensive capabilities that address the entire communications spectrum. Designed for use with military or commercial satellites, our fixed-site satellite systems help optimize airtime costs while transmitting and receiving digital voice, data and imagery.

Ground VHF/UHF/L-Band Communications: Our advanced flexible, secure transportable and vehicle-mounted communication systems provides the advantage of rapid deployment in tactical situations, even where ground communication infrastructure may be damaged or unavailable.

Airborne HF Communications

Advanced airborne communications are critical to the safety of all military flight operations. Collins Aerospace has a range of products designed for use in various military or commercial airborne applications. Our secure, high-frequency and satellite communication radios and software-defined radio technology solutions integrate seamlessly with existing platforms, making them cost-effective, secure and mission critical.

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Forces operating in satellite-limited and contested battlefield environments rely on advanced, secure, beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) communications. We offer modernized, high-frequency (HF) communications systems that provide all the communications capabilities needed with very low day-to-day operating costs. Today, modernized Wideband HF (WBHF) can deliver rates up to 240 kbps on a 48 kHz wide channel, opening the door for HF to deliver the same level of data transmission speeds, quality and security as narrow-band SATCOM systems.

Airborne Satcom: To ensure high-speed global communication, Collins Aerospace offers a full range of seamless satellite-based global voice and data communication systems for military platforms. In addition to communication systems, our ARINC global network provides government and military customers with a variety of connectivity services to best meet their needs in mission critical situations.


Tactical Data Link

Knowing where one is relative to others is perhaps nowhere more important than on the battlefield. And having that information in real-time is essential. Secure, jam-resistant data links are critical to enabling the digital battle space, providing the war fighter with situational awareness, the exchange of critical data and battlefield execution capabilities.

As a pioneer in data link technology, we focus on keeping the soldier connected in the air, on the ground or in battle – anywhere in the world. We offer the latest solutions in digital technology while enabling flexibility and growth. So users can have interoperability with those around you and stay connected with unparalleled levels of situational awareness.

CNPC-1000 UAS Command and Control Data Link: Collins Aerospace CNPC-1000 provides a reliable, safe and secure unmanned aircraft system (UAS) command and control data link for UAS operations in shared airspace. Implementing the Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) waveform, the CNPC-1000 is an optimized package for the small to large unmanned aircraft. It provides both point-to-point communications and growth to fully networked communications for unmanned aircraft control, and can be installed in either the aircraft or the control station.

Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS): With global security under threat, the need for advanced command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems is greater than ever. Collins Aerospace’s Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) – co-developed in partnership with BAE Systems – offer high-speed, secure sharing of military tactical data links through the Link 16 network.

AR-1000, airborne communications, GR-2000-2500, Manpack ground communications, TIGR handheld ground radio communications. TruNet Family of radios Scenario.

QNT-200 Software-Defined Radio: The future of high-bandwidth, mobile networking is available now with the Collins Aerospace QNT-200 software-defined radio (SDR). This two-channel SDR offers next-generation networking capability designed for size-, weight- and power-constrained applications. It is ideal for networked communications that require reliability, high bandwidth, low latency and spectrum efficiency.

Through flexible, “on-demand,” IP-based networking, the QNT-200 provides rapid delivery of mission-critical information, enabling real-time war fighter decision-making. It uses the IP-based, dynamic mesh network to maintain situational awareness of all nodes in the network with high efficiency.

Weighing less than 5 pounds and at less than 100 cubic inches, the QNT-200 provides the latest in IP-based networking capability for almost any application.

RT-2071C Secure CDL ISR SCISR Radio: Collins Aerospace SCISR communications radios are leading the way in radio communication technology. Reliable, secure and cutting-edge communication is key to your success in today’s advanced battle space and for reassurance in future conflicts. The RT-2071(C) SCISR communications radio is the latest and most capable software-defined radio receiver-transmitter.

Enhancing war fighter capabilities, today and in the future, the RT-2071(C) SCISR radio offers advanced connectivity to transmit mission critical data. The user-friendly application ensures ease-of-use in critical situations. Having secure data transfer will improve the effectiveness of every mission.

TACR-16DL TacNet™ Tactical Radio: Offered through Data Link Solutions (DLS) – Collins Aerospace’s joint venture with BAE Systems – TacNet™ Tactical Radio is the smallest, most affordable and greatest range for its size Link 16 terminal available today. At one-fourth the size and weight of current Link 16 terminals, it provides critical network connectivity to platforms that traditionally have not had access to the network. These platforms include Unmanned Aerial Systems, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), mobile and transportable ground stations, rotary wing and small maritime assets. Our team is able to leverage our proven expertise in modular architectures and thermal management to reduce your overall integration risk. TacNet Tactical Radio is tested and qualified to NATO and Department of Defence requirements and standards to ensure interoperability across all platforms using the Link 16 network.

TacNet Weapon Data Link: Making any guided weapon network enabled for engagement at greater ranges and in all-weather, high threat environments. Collins Aerospace’s TacNet™ weapon data link (WDL) makes any guided weapon a Network Enabled Weapon (NEW). It is a key asset in a net-centric operations environment, providing the war fighter with joint weapon tracking and fire control, as well as high-confidence situational awareness data.

Tactical Targeting Network Technology: Low-latency, ad hoc, IP-based networking for today’s war fighter. Collins Aerospace’s Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT) is a secure and robust IP-based waveform that delivers the fastest ad hoc mesh network to the tactical edge. It’s a proven and mature system that instantly and accurately shares secure voice, video and data across a dynamic battle space, meeting the rapidly changing networking needs of today’s war fighter.