Strategic Partnership: Dynamatic Technologies, Deutsche Aircraft Collaborate to Manufacture Rear Fuselage for D328ecoTM Turboprop Aircraft

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Weßling/Bangalore: Dynamatic Technologies Limited announced March 13 a new partnership with Deutsche Aircraft, the German OEM based in Münich, Germany. The collaboration focuses on producing the Rear Fuselage for the 40-seater D328eco regional turboprop aircraft. This marks a significant moment for the “Make in India” initiative and will bring work to the highly capable ecosystem here.


The contract signifies an important milestone as Deutsche Aircraft and Dynamatic work together to manufacture the D328eco, a sustainable regional turboprop. This modern, fuel-efficient aircraft is designed to serve regional routes and is set to revolutionise regional air travel globally. With its spacious cabin and superior performance capabilities, the D328eco offers exceptional design, features and operational flexibility.

Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies, expressed his pleasure in the collaboration, saying, “We are excited to partner with Deutsche Aircraft on the production of the rear fuselage for the D328eco aircraft. Dynamatic’s expertise in aerospace engineering and manufacturing combined with Deutsche Aircraft’s vision for innovation in regional air transport will pave the way for a successful partnership.”


Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft, said, “By partnering with Dynamatic Technologies, we are excited to team up with a key global player with its fast-growing aviation and aerospace industry as well as contributing to the “Make in India” initiative to make India a key global hub for the aviation supply chain. Dynamatic Technologies is one of the most important aerospace suppliers for global commercial OEMs. It has an extensive track record in the aerospace industry and will be a significant partner for the manufacturing of the D328eco.”

Maximilan Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain of Deutsche Aircraft, added, “This partnership with Dynamatic Technologies signifies our ability to cooperate with the best in the field and further leverage our supply chain resilience. As India is a key market for us in the APAC region, we are excited about this collaboration that represents a long-term commitment in India.”

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Both Deutsche Aircraft and Dynamatic are committed to the success of this partnership and the future of the D328eco aircraft programme. The signing of this contract marks a significant step forward in bringing this innovative aircraft to market.

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer built on the heritage of aviation pioneers that continues to propel the aviation industry forward with innovative solutions. Deutsche Aircraft is developing the most advanced regional aircraft on the market: the D328eco. As type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide, the company is uniquely positioned to complement the existing fleet with this next-generation aircraft.


Deutsche Aircraft employs the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability for the D328eco. As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of regional air transport, Deutsche Aircraft is working with key players in the industry to achieve climate-neutral flights.

Dynamatic Technologies designs and builds highly engineered products for automotive, aeronautic, hydraulic and security applications. With futuristic design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India, we are able to meet customers’ exacting requirements on six continents. Its facilities located in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Nasik), the United Kingdom (Swindon, Bristol) and Germany (Schwarzenberg), are lean, green and clean, and designed to support neighbouring communities as well as the environment.

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With three design laboratories in India and Europe, Dynamatic Technologies is a leading private R&D organisation, with numerous inventions and patents to its credit. Dynamatic Technologies is vertically integrated, with its own alloy-making and casting capabilities as well as its own captive green energy sources.