Bridging the Gap: Ministry of Civil Aviation to Launch Air Taxi Facility Across Delhi NCR, 48 Heliports Passed

Civil Aviation

New Delhi:  With increasing vehicular traffic in the Delhi NCR region and leading to travel time taking long specially between far flung suburbs and airports, the government plans to introduce Air Taxi to make travelling more comfortable and efficient  for short distances.


As part of its move to revolutionise intercity domestic transport, the government is planning the introduction of Air Taxi. The Ministry of Civil Aviation in a joint effort with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Airport Authority of India (AAI), Digital Sky is planning to launch Air Taxi on Public Private Partnership in Delhi NCR.

The move by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in conjunction with Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is for bridging the gap between commercial airlines and private jets.


The company has established its reputation for offering reliable, safe, and affordable services, with a focus on providing personalised luxury without compromising on cost-effectiveness. With advanced technology and skilled professionals, Air Taxi has made private air travel accessible to everyone. Its mission is to transform air travel worldwide by maintaining high standards of safety, reliability, efficiency, and customer service.

Air Taxi is a leading contender in the UDAN RCS program and has been awarded more than 32 RCS routes across India.

big bang

Delhi NCR will be the first region in the country to have the facility of Air Taxi as public transport. The survey for the project has been concluded and 6 routes have been finalised. To make the project a reality, the authorities will construct 48 helipads across the NCR.

The six routes that have been surveyed and finalised include, Delhi to Gurugram, Delhi to Noida, Delhi to Jewar Airport, Delhi to Faridabad, Delhi to Meerut Airport, Delhi to Rohini Heliport.  Among the 48 heliports finalised, 18 will be constructed in Delhi. 12 in Gurugram, 10 in Noida, 4 in Greater Noida, 2 in Faridabad and 2 heliports will be constructed in Ghaziabad. Due to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections and enforcement of Model Code of Conduct the construction will start afterwards. Meanwhile, a deadline of two years has been finalised to make the project operational.


The Air Taxi will bring huge benefits for those who have to travel to Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram every day. They will be relieved from the chaotic traffic jams of Delhi NCR. With this project, people of Delhi NCR cities will be able to easily reach their destination through air taxi by spending 6-12 minutes every day, saving their time.