Chandrayaan-3 Mission to Moon Launched Successfully

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New Delhi: In a major step towards India’s journey into space, Chandrayaan-3, India’s  mission to moon, was launched successfully July 14 from Satish Dhawan space centre in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota.

India’s space journey  has expanded rapidly since the first moon mission in 2008. Its lander Vikram will be taken for landing on the moon’s south pole by rover Pragyan. The primary objective of Chandrayaan-3 is to prove Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO’s) capability of completing a soft landing on the moon. It is also carrying many important payloads that will collect important data about the lunar surface.

The landing will take place at 5.47 pm on August 23, after a 42-day journey. The date has been decided based on the availability of sunlight on the moon. There are several days when the moon’s south pole is devoid of any sunlight, making it impossible for the solar panels attached to the lander to charge. If the date is missed due to any reason, ISRO will have to keep the landing for the next month – in September.

Maneck Behramkamdin

Chandrayaan-3 will make India the fourth country after US, China, and Russia, to land its spacecraft on the surface of the moon and demonstrate the country’s abilities for safe and soft landing on lunar surface. It is equipped with a lander, a rover and a propulsion module and weighs around 3,900 kilograms.

“This remarkable mission will carry the hopes and dreams of our nation,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted earlier.

Chandrayaan-3’s development phase commenced in January 2020 with the launch planned sometime in 2021. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought an unforeseen delay to the mission’s progress.

“The launch of Chandrayaan-3 not only reflects India’s dedication to space exploration but also underscores our nation’s reputation as a leading force in the field. As an integral partner to ISRO, Godrej Aerospace is proud and honoured to have played a vital role in the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The launch of Chandrayaan 3 reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and strengthens our resolve to propel India’s space exploration endeavours towards greater achievements and scientific breakthroughs. We take great pride in supplying hardware liquid propulsion engines like the Vikas Engine, CE20 Engine, and satellite thrusters,” said Maneck Behramkamdin, AVP & Business Head, Godrej Aerospace.