Capt Geetika Koul Creates History, Becomes First Indian Women Medical Officer to be Deployed at Siachen – World’s Highest Battlefield


Guwahati: Captain Geetika Koul of the Snow Leopard Brigade has created history by becoming the first woman medical officer of the Indian Army to be deployed at Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield. This milestone was achieved after Captain Koul successfully completed rigorous induction training at the prestigious Siachen Battle School.

The induction training, known for testing both physical and mental endurance, covered crucial aspects such as high-altitude acclimatisation, survival techniques, and specialised medical procedures essential for operating in the harsh conditions of Siachen. The training is considered a formidable test and ensures that soldiers are well-prepared for the extreme challenges posed by the unforgiving climate and challenging terrain of the region.

The Fire and Fury Corps of the Indian Army announced Captain Geetika Koul’s achievement in a social media post, stating, “Captain Geetika Koul from the Snow Leopard Brigade becomes the first Woman Medical officer of the Indian Army to be deployed at the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen after successfully completing the induction training at Siachen Battle School.”

Siachen, situated in the northern part of the Himalayas, is renowned not only for its strategic significance but also for its extreme weather conditions. Captain Koul’s deployment to this high-altitude battlefield is a significant step forward in gender inclusion within the Indian Army, breaking barriers and setting a precedent for more women to serve in challenging roles.