DroneAcharya Launches BHUJANG, India’s First Super High Altitude Multi Rotor Multi – Role Drone

Defence Industry

New Delhi: DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Limited on September 9 launched a heavy lift off, super-high-altitude, long-range drone BHUJANG (Battlefield Hybrid UAV for Joint Attack, Navigation and Guarding) with multiple capabilities.

As India’s first super high altitude multi rotor multi – role drone, BHUJANG can achieve an astonishing altitude of 1,500-meter AGL (Above Ground Level) from 4,800-meter-high take off point, with a maximum altitude of 6,300 meter. It is also South Asia’s first drone with combat, transport and surveillance capabilities in single aircraft.

DroneAcharya’s BHUJANG offers to fill in the gap as defence establishments are in dire need of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) capable of performing multiple tasks using same platform. Currently, the drones available can only perform single task. Moreover, there are hardly any UAVs available which can operate at ultra-high altitude.

According to DroneAcharya, introducing a fully Made in India product is a moment of pride for the company. The product includes innovation in the propulsion system, material structure and strength, and chip level integration. BHUJANG has been launched after a lot of research and scores of test flights in difficult weather and rough terrain in coordination with Indian Army, keeping this product way ahead in terms of cost, equipment manufacturing capabilities and reliability of aircraft with fail-proof system. DroneAcharya is committed to provide cutting edge products, solutions and trainings in Drone Tech, Space Tech and Defence Tech.

Sharing some insights after the successful tests with Indian Army, Prateek Srivastava, Founder and Managing Director of DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations stated that “BHUJANG boasts of innovation in ergonomics, advanced opto-electronics system and multiple payload dropping mechanism with auto trigger capabilities. This aerial platform could be a game changer for Defence and Military applications because apart from multi – payload, multi-application capabilities at high altitudes, it also has an extra layer of security and encryption at firmware level. It has an encrypted communication system with flight computation of negative altitude calculations, used with proprietary software and sensor suite with advanced algorithms.”