Bengaluru Based COVINTS to Organise Counter Terrorism Expo 2023 in February 2023

Defence Industry

New Delhi: The character of war has changed. The tools of compellence have not changed. Yet, countries are changing their tools and tactics of preferences. Bengaluru-based Indian defence company COVINTS (Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions) is organising one of its kind Counter Terrorism Expo 2023 in New Delhi from February 21-25, 2023.

The Expo spread over five days, February 21-25 will be a combination of Conference and Technical Offensive and Defensive Workshop. The conference will be held on the first three days, where participants can meet various stakeholders from defence and subject-matter experts from different parts of the country. A unique cyber offensive and defensive war game with advanced counter-terrorism scenarios in collaboration with their Israeli partners will be organised on the last two days, February 24-25.

The Expo will focus on both conventional & non-conventional approaches, strategies, tactics, and operational insights to counter-terrorism and counterintelligence. COVINTS will host discussions focused on issues such as understanding the operational capabilities of terrorist groups, the phenomenon of radicalization, and terrorist propaganda. Non-kinetic engagements are best employed to incur disruptive effects in and across various dimensions (for example – biological, psychological, social) that can lead to intermediate and long-term destructive manifestations (in some possible domains, ranging from the economic to the geo-political).

At the same time, the Expo will have elaborate presentations on the emerging disruptive techs in Counter-terrorism, Counterintelligence, CBRN preparedness, Counter radicalization and De-radicalization, Hostage Negotiation, Space Warfare, and related subjects.

Control of information has always been part of military operations. The modern world cannot evolve and operate without critical infrastructures, which have become dependent on internet connectivity for various information management, communications, and control functions. The terrorist threat to critical infrastructure and vulnerable targets are among the most critical security challenges facing the international community today, and it is ever-evolving. The increased interdependence has made infrastructures vulnerable to natural hazards, technical problems, cyber-attacks, and terrorism.

India and Israel established full diplomatic relations in 1992, and the bilateral relationship between the two countries has blossomed at the economic, military, agricultural, and political levels. India-Israel cooperation increased drastically since 2014 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. COVINTS is proud to present its Israeli partners for CT Expo 2023. Their exclusive partnership brings more than a decade of experience and solutions on technologies, counterintelligence, homeland security, counter-terrorism, and many more.

The Expo provides excellent opportunity to meet COVINTS’ experts at the CT Expo 2023 to gain operational insights, professional networking, enhance skills, and various disruptive techs from countries like Israel, USA, India, etc. For Registrations visit: