BEL to Showcase its Might at DefExpo 2018

Defence Public Sector Unit Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) in the leadership of its Chairman cum Managing Director MV Gowtama all set to showcase its capabilities spanning missile, communication and fire control systems, to name a few

DefExpo, DefExpo 2018
BEL’s Chairman & Managing Director MV Gowtama

BHARAT ELECTRONICS LIMITED (BEL) is participating in the biennial Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition DEFEXPO 2018, which is scheduled from April 11 to 14, 2018, at Thiruvidanthai, Thiruporur Taluk, Kancheepuram, East Coast Road, Chennai.

Navratna defence Public Sector Undertaking Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) will showcase its capabilities spanning every domain of its business – Radar and Fire Control Systems, Network Centric Systems, C4I Systems, Communication Systems, Missile Systems, Electronic Warfare & Avionics, Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems, Naval Systems, Electro Optics & Laser Systems, Gun Upgrades, Tank Electronics, Home Land Security Systems, Technology Modules, Simulators, Shelters and civilian products. BEL will display its R&D capabilities by demonstrating some of its new products / technologies through launching of 11 products. The theme for this year’s display is ‘Make in India.’

BEL will display a host of new radars – 3D C/D Band Air Surveillance Radar (3D ASR), Weapon Locating Radar, Active Electronically Scanned Array – Battle Field Surveillance Radar (AESA-BFSR), Ground Penetrating Radar, Through Wall Radar, 3D Low Level Light Weight Radar, Surface Surveillance Radar and Secondary Radar (Identification of Friend or Foe Interrogator –IFFI MK XII).

The Network Centric Systems on display include Trusted Network Solution-Demo, Combat Management System, C4I technology-Demo, Air Defence Control & Reporting System and Coastal Surveillance System.

BEL-to-Showcase-DefExpo-2018Communication Systems/ elements on display will include the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Airborne – Live Demo, SDR Manpack, Combat Net Radio Mk II, Mine Field Recording System, Handheld Satcom terminals, IP Modem & IP Encryptor, Satcom On The Move, Secure Smart Phone, Carbon Fibre Antenna, Secure Military Wireless LAN, 100 Mbps Radio, Advanced VLF Receiver / Modulator, Beacon-Mk III and ULSB MK-III. Also on display will be the Helmet Mounted Display System and Integrated Fire Detection & Suppression System.

Missile System on display will be Akash Weapon System.

Electronic Warfare & Airborne products on display will include Modern Electronic Warfare System (VARUNA), Manpack Jammer, Radar Finger Printing System (RFPS), avionics for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Digital Flight Control Computer (DFCC), Air Data Computer (ADC), Pylon Interface Box – Inboard, Outboard, Laser (PIB-IB, OB, Laser), Stores Interface Box (SIB), Function Sensor Display Unit (FSDU), Multi Function Rotary switch (MFR), Multi Function Keyboard (MFK), Engine Fuel Indicator (EFI), Get-U-Home (GUH); Multi Spectral Warning System (MSWS), Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Rustom Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) LRUs – Airborne Integrated Payload Processing Unit (AIPPU), Ground Integrated Payload Processing Unit (GIPPU), Airborne Spread Spectrum Modem (ASSM), Ground Spread Spectrum Modem (GSSM) and COMPASS (Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized Surveillance System).

Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems on display includes Advanced Composite Communication System (ACCS) for Naval Platform, USHUS-2, HUMSA NG, Hull Mounted Sonar-X, IAC MoD-C, SONAR DOME, Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS)- Maareech and Transducers.

Artillery-Guns-and-RocketsAlso on display will be the complete range of Electro Optics, Laser, Tank Electronics and Gun Upgrade Systems – Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) with Laser Range Finder (LRF), Long Range Surveillance System-Prahari, Passive Night Sight for INSAS Rifle / LMG and for Rocket Launcher, Passive Night Vision Binocular, Goggle and Monocular, Thermal Imager Sight for Assault Rifle (Uncooled), Multi-Purpose Reflex Weapon Sight, Laser Warning System, Laser Dazzler, Laser Range Finder – Air Defence Higher Repetition, Light Weight Portable Laser Target Designator (LWPLTD), EOFCS: 5PPS, Electronic Fuses for Mortars, Artillery Guns and Rockets, NBCRV Model, L-70 Gun Upgrade and Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS).

Technology modules like MEMS Pressure Transducers, CTD Sensors, Quad T/R modules, Pulsed Power Amplifiers, Block-Up Converters, Digital Receivers and Signal Processors will be on display.

Other Systems on display include Border Management System, Command & Control for Homeland Applications, new generation Shelters & Masts, Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), X-Ray Baggage Inspection System, Chemical Agent Monitor (e-nasika), Point of Sale, Tablet PC and Batteries. Various Simulators will also be showcased.

The highlight of BEL’s Outdoor display will be the 3D C/D Band Air Surveillance Radar (3D ASR), Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), Upgraded Schilka Weapon System, L-70 Gun Upgrade, SATCOM on the Move (SoTM) and Gun Shot Detection System.