BEL Showcasing Wide-ranging Capabilities

Aero India, Aero India 2019, Defence Industry

BENGALURU: Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is showcasing its wide range of capabilities at Aero India 2019, including the state-of-the-art products and systems spanning every domain of its business – military communication, radar systems, missile systems, naval systems, C4I Systems, electronic warfare systems, avionics, anti-submarine warfare systems, tank electronics, electro optics, gun/weapon system upgrade shelters, unmanned systems, homeland security, life support systems (atmospheric water generator), cyber security and professional electronic components.

BEL is also showcasing its R&D capabilities by launching/demonstrating some of its new products /technologies.

BEL’s display in the area of radar includes products/models/panels of active electronically scanned array radar, quick reaction surface-to-air missile radar and other state-of-the-art radars for automatic detection of first-round location of artillery weapons (weapon locating radar), border surveillance and detection of low flying targets (BFSR-XR and Aslesha).

BEL’s display in the area of military communication includes products for data and voice communication between systems, Missile Data Link Unit to provide reliable uplink and downlink data from ground station to missile, high capacity radio relay, software defined radio – airborne, data diode used to create a physically-secure one-way communication channel from one network to another, secured tactical computer, rugged panel-PC, Data Link Radio Frequency Unit for exchanging information at a much higher data rate and indigenised Ku Band Satcom for wideband satellite communications from vehicles in motion over rugged terrain.

Electronic warfare and avionic products on display include head-up display for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Identification Friend or Foe for aircraft and helicopters, drone interception & countermeasure system, Satellite–AIT, EW Suite for fighter aircraft, self-protection suite for helicopters, data link for onboard communication on aircraft, VSAT monitoring system, Aerostat: Aerostat Balloon and Ground Control Station, LRUs for UAV, various avionic and flight control systems for LCA and Directed Infrared Counter Measure to intercept and counter threats.

Network centric solutions on display include C4I systems for the Army, Navy and Air Force, compact sensor integration system to enable command centre to integrate with variety of sensors and weapon systems, Scrambler Unit, Radio Interface Unit, Integrated VoIP System Suite for seamless voice and video connectivity for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communication, Image Analytic Engine, Integrated Data Centre, Air Traffic Management and mobile application for secure communication.

Also on display are complete range of Electro Optics, including EO solutions and Laser Range Finders such as Electro Optics for Coastal Surveillance, Pan & Tilt – Electro Optical Director for long-range surveillance applications like coastal surveillance, border surveillance etc, Multipurpose Reflex Weapon Sight, LRF Eye Safe-10 PPM, Hand Held Laser Range Finder and LRF Module.

BEL is showcasing its naval systems capability through Coastal Situational Awareness Radar, Diver Detection Sonar and Low Frequency Dunking Sonar. Components/technology modules on display include ZnS Dome for missiles, TR modules for radar application, batteries, electronic fuses for artillery, etc.

Other innovative solutions on display are Data Radio for Distributed Power Wireless Control System, Real-Time Train Information System, Air Borne Server, Record Replay Operator System, Image Analytic Engine, Linear Variable Differential Transducer, Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System, Smart City solutions, Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), Mine Field Recording System, Chemical Agent Monitor, etc.

The L70 Upgraded Gun model is also being showcased at the exhibition.

The highlight of BEL’s outdoor display is the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System, X Band Active Phase Array Radar, Advance Landing Ground Communication Terminal, Gun Shot Detection System, enclosures made from Composite, Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), Compact Multipurpose Advance Stabilised System for day and night surveillance, reconnaissance and target tracking application.

The entire set of state-of-art equipment on offer is a force multiplier for any defence force and will make their “Observe Orient Decide Act” (OODA) cycle seamless and efficient.