Association of Defence and Cyber Companies in Israel to Expand Joint Activity Globally

By Arie Egozi


Tel Aviv. The growing competition in the defence market has resulted in the formation of a  Defence and Cyber Companies Forum in Israel. The forum was established to assist small and medium-sized companies in Israel to face off bureaucratic difficulties and the growing competition, especially with foreign companies. The forum has already been able to assist a number of companies that could not overcome difficulties in the domestic and international market. The forum is now officially the Association of Defence and Cyber Companies in Israel (ISBU – Israel Security Business Union).

The Defence and Cyber Companies Forum in Israel was established in 2016, with a vision to help Israeli companies in the fields of Cyber & HLS to grow and cooperate in Israel and abroad, as well as initiating and encouraging collaborations in various fields. Now the forum has matured and becomes the Association of Israeli Defence and Cyber Companies with the aim of expanding the joint activity.

Most of the association’s members are CEOs of Cyber & HLS companies or representatives on their behalf, so a fertile ground has been created for connections and possibilities of extensive potential collaborations among each other and find common interests and a common denominator.

According to Shavit Or, the Association CEO, the aim is to constitute a professional and business community for companies in the field of security and homeland security in Israel, and especially small and medium-sized that lack the lobbying power of the major ones. “We enable the sharing of information between companies regarding markets, technologies, regulation, government support, auxiliary resources and more, as well as encouraging synergy between the companies. In one case, three companies competed for a contract to secure a parameter. They entered the picture and two companies submitted a joint bid and won. As a result, the customer even increased the content of the contract”.

Gilad Cohen, Chairman of the new Association said that what began as an exchange of opinions and messages on social networks has become a cohesive effective body with a clear policy. “We will help small and medium-sized companies to overcome the difficulties they face and they are many “. The fact that the international defence market has become more complicated is making the function of the new association crucial.

-The writer is an International Roving Correspondent of the publication. Views expressed are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of Raksha Anirveda