Raghu Vamsi Group, Par East’s Joint Venture Start-up Arrobot Unveils Unmanned Guided Vehicle for Armed Forces

Defence Industry

Hyderabad: Arrobot, a start-up from Hyderabad has developed an Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) for the armed forces which was unveiled in the presence of Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary – Industries, Commerce and Information Technology, Government of Telangana. The UGV will help users in logistics, surveillance and reconnaissance in difficult terrain and environment. It can carry up to 200 kg and tug up to 600 kg and offers a 30-degree view. With additional attachments, it will be able to execute multiple other functions.

According to the company, it has received at least 10 unique orders for the UGV from multinational companies and Government of India undertakings.

Arrobot was established in April 2023 to capitalise on the growth in automation, which is being catalysed by Industry 4.0. A joint-venture of aerospace and defence component maker Raghu Vamsi Group and Par East, which is an autonomous solutions provider for manufacturing and supply chains, Arrobot is positioned at the intersection of digitalisation, electronics, and automation. It aims to simplify and democratise Industry 4.0.

According to the company’s Co-Founder & CEO, Ravi Achanta, Arrobot intends to empower industries with cutting-edge solutions, making them thrive in the modern era. Arrobot aims to create highly skilled job opportunities for youth over next two years and plans to hire over 100 employees in next one year, said the company in a release.

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary – Industries, Commerce and IT, congratulating Raghu Vamsi Group managing director Vamsi Vikas, in a social media post after launching the UGV recently, said, “Delighted to launch Arrobot products, including an Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle that will be much in use for soldiers in difficult terrains.”  The start-up is into robotics and autonomous solutions and developing technologies for defence and aerospace sectors, he posted.

Vamsi Vikas, Managing Director of Raghu Vamsi Group, expressing his enthusiasm at the launch, stated, “It’s a moment of pride for us to stand among the few companies in India with in-house expertise spanning all core manufacturing domains, enabling us to create cutting-edge products in fields like Missile Systems, Electro Optics, Jet Engines, Loitering Munitions, Drones, and more.” Adding further, he said that Raghu Vamsi Group has developed solutions for autonomous material movement up to five tonnes and pushback for towing and tugging aircraft.

The group has manufacturing capabilities in CNC machining, sheet metal, gears, composites, fasteners, electronics and electro optics. It has five manufacturing locations in Hyderabad and employs over 500 people.

With the introduction of Arrobot, Raghu Vamsi Group is propelling India to the forefront of robotics and industrial automation. This strategic move is a significant stride towards realising the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” vision of the Government of India, solidifying India’s stature as a prominent player in the global automation industry.