Groundbreaking Innovation: Indian Army Major Develops Portable Multi-Target Detonation Device – WEDC

Indian Army

New Delhi: With the patenting of a Portable Multi-Target Detonation Device (WEDC), the Indian Army has achieved a significant milestone. Developed by Major Rajprasad RS of the Corps of Engineers, the WEDC is a groundbreaking innovation.

The WEDC is a microprocessor-based electronic system designed to enhance the safety and reliability of detonating multiple targets. It offers a long range of 2.5 kilometres and features both wired and wireless modes of firing, allowing troops to undertake demolition at long range with increased safety and precision. Overcoming the limitations of the previously used Exploder Dynamo Capacitor systems, which were mechanically operated wired systems with a limited range of 400 meters, the WEDC’s increased range and advanced features, such as the ability to selectively fire multiple targets independently or simultaneously, make it a valuable addition to the Indian Army’s arsenal.

The innovative device highlights the Indian Army’s commitment to self-reliance and indigenous defence innovation. Major Rajprasad’s dedication to advancing military technology underscores the ethos of the Army Design Bureau, fostering self-reliance among its officers. It is a testament to India’s Year of Tech Absorption.

During the Bharat Shakti exercise, WEDC’s capabilities were showcased. Major Rajprasad’s contributions to the defence sector and India’s commitment to indigenous defence innovation was recognised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Army Chief General Manoj Pandey.

The patenting of the WEDC marks a significant milestone in the Indian Army’s journey towards self-reliance and technological advancement. Major Rajprasad RS’ innovative device not only enhances the army’s capabilities but also exemplifies India’s commitment to indigenous defence innovation. As Major Rajprasad continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the Indian Army is poised to further strengthen its position as a modern and technologically advanced military force.