47th BSF (India) – BGB (Bangladesh) Director General Level Border Coordination Conference at New Delhi

Indian Army

New Delhi. Relations between India and Bangladesh is at all-time high. To enhance cooperation and mutual understanding between the two border guarding forces, both sides are carrying out various events for officers and men on reciprocal basis under confidence building measures. In addition to it Coordinated Border Management Plan is also being implemented by both the border guarding forces as force multipliers in checking trans-border crimes.


Since 1975, the bi-annual DG Level Border Co-ordination conference with BGB is being held to discuss the matters of imminent concern. The last DG Level Border Co-ordination conference between BSF and BGB were held from April 23-27, 2018 at Dhaka (Bangladesh). During the conference, it was decided that the next DG Level Co-ordination Conference would be held at New Delhi.

As agreed the 47th DG Level Co-ordination meeting is being organized at New Delhi w.e.f September 3-8, 2018 at New Delhi.

During the conference, Indian delegation headed by KK Sharma, Director General, Border Security Force will hold discussions with the Bangladesh Delegation headed by Maj Gen Md. Shafeenul Islam, NDC, PSC, Director General Border Guard Bangladesh.

Agenda of the conference: –

big bang

Border Security Force

    • Prevention against attacks on BSF personnel by the Bangladeshi criminals.
    • Joint efforts to prevent trans-Border crimes
    • Action against IIGs (Indian Insurgent Groups).
    • Issues related with border infrastructure.
    • Joint efforts for effective implementation of CBMP (Comprehensive Border Management Plan).

* Simultaneous Coordinated patrol (SCPs).
* Identification of vulnerable areas.
* Sharing of Information.

    • Confidence Building Measures.


Border Guards Bangladesh

    • Issue related to Trans border crimes.
    • Smuggling of various types of drugs/narcotics from India to Bangladesh.
    • Arrest/apprehension of Bangladeshi nationals by BSF.
    • Construction of viewers’ gallery and other facilities for joint retreat ceremony venues.
    • Expansion of Crime Free Zones.
    • Confidence building measures.

* Organizing combined ‘Milon Mela’ at commonly agreed places
*Visit of medical professionals including Medical Campaigns
*Visiting training institutions including exchange of training and instructors
*Visit of School Children
*Visit of media personnel
*Friendly Games and Sports
*Joint Expedition like Cycling, Hiking, Rowing-Rafting Mountain climbing etc.
*Joint exercise
*Inter force shooting competition
*Joint Seminar/Symposium/Workshop
*Joint band display in the bordering areas
*Visit of BWWA/SHIPKS delegation
*Higher studies in India for BGB wards

The concluding session and signing of Joint Record of Discussions between the DG BSF and DG BGB will take place on September 7, 2018.


The Joint India-Bangladesh guidelines for Border Authorities – 1975 envisage that there should be frequent contacts between the border authorities of two countries concerned to discuss the matter of immediate administrative concern.

An Indian delegation under leadership of Ashwani Kumar, former Director General of BSF and the Bangladesh delegation under the leadership of Major General Quazi Golam Dastgir, former Director General BGB met at Kolkata on 2nd December 1975 for the first time to discuss mutual border problems.Since then, the meetings between DG BSF and DG BGB were held annually, alternatively in India and Bangladesh till 1993.

During discussions between the Home Secretaries of India and Bangladesh that were held at Dhaka (Bangladesh) from October 7-9, 1993,it was agreed that the Director General level meetings between BSF and BGB, are to be a bi-annual event. In the agreed summary of discussions during the said meeting, it was emphasized that problems in the areas of mutual interests and concerns can be progressively resolved through close contacts and continuing meaningful dialogue at various levels. Accordingly, DG BSF and DG BGB have been holding Border Coordination meetings twice a year alternatively at Delhi and Dhaka and joint record of discussions of these meetings are forwarded to Ministry of Home Affairs after each such meeting.