Confronting the China Challenge

There is no denying the significant asymmetry between India and China in terms of their military capabilities and resources. China, with its larger economy and substantial defence budget, appears to […]

China Unveils Major Military Reorganisation

China Unveils Major Military Reorganisation

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) now has launched a new system of information warfare, called the Information Support Force (ISF), said Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National […]

Peace Deal with UNLF

Peace Deal with UNLF?

The incidents of weapons having been looted from the Manipur police and IRB armouries in the first week of May were covered in the mainstream media. The official figures are […]

Indian Navy’s Milan Exercise

The Need for Naval Power Dominance

“No big modern war has been won without preponderant sea power, and conversely, very few rebellions of Maritime Provinces have succeeded without acquiring sea power,” said noted American maritime historian […]