Robust Indian Civil Aviation Sector

Hyderabad. The civil aviation sector in India is undergoing a remarkable growth, after the Covid-19 pandemic. Over all passenger traffic is booming, airlines are expanding fleets, and the government is […]


Navigating India’s Future Trajectory in 2024

Amidst a volatile and unpredictable global landscape, India’s rise faces diverse challenges and threats that mandate comprehensive strategies and preparedness to navigate the future. An evolving India must see itself […]

Israel Hamas, Russia Ukraine War

Shaping a Resilient Global Future

As we usher in 2024, the world finds itself at a crucial juncture in history, characterised by shifting power dynamics, emerging challenges, diverse conflicts, and unprecedented opportunities. The emergence of […]


Pioneering Amphibious Air Travel

Talk of seaplanes, and for a majority of Indians, it’s like visualizing scenes from Western movies, particularly the iconic James Bond films. Yet, the mention of seaplane services in India […]


India or China: Who is Ahead?

The string of diplomatic events, with India as an important member, started with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO) annual summit hosted by India virtually in July earlier. The SCO meeting […]