Surface-to-Air Missile Successfully Tested by Indian Navy

Indian Navy

New Delhi: The Indian Navy May 26 shared a video of it successfully testing surface-to-air (SAM) missile system from warship by taking down a low flying target. 

The video posted by the Indian Navy on Twitter shows the SAM system moving towards the target at a lightning speed after being launched from a guided-missile anti-submarine stealth frigate. The missile is seen hitting the object right above the surface. The 36-second clip starts with the missile coming out of its silo on the warship. It is then moving to take the right position to hit the target. After it is launched, the missile moves towards its target and a blast is heard, as well as seen, just above the waters.

Sharing the video, the Indian Navy wrote, “All in a day’s work! Watch Your Navy’s guided-missile anti-submarine stealth frigate do what it does best – successfully engage a low flying target with its SAM system, reaffirming the mantra of her crew, HIT FIRST! HIT HARD! Congrats to the team for a text book bulls eye!”


On May 18, 2022, the Indian Navy successfully carried out the maiden test firing of the first indigenously developed naval anti-ship missile from a SeaKing 42B helicopter in Odisha’s Balasore. Earlier this year, an anti-ship version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was successfully test-fired by the Indian Navy and the Andaman and Nicobar Command.

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