OCT-DEC 2019 (Print)



The call for New India, Strong India made by Modi 2.0 government is taking centre stage with government’s renewed focus on strategic and defence affairs  showing positive trends. Despite rise of unilateralism and steady decline of multilateralism, India has not only held its own on matters of crucial national interest, but shown to the world of the pivotal role it’s going to play in the future global order. In a fine balancing act, the government has redefined foreign and strategic policy keeping the core foundation intact with a new idiom and forging new, fresh engagements with all the major powers – Russia, USA, France and others on the high table. It has been deft, nuanced and jugular maintaining a fine balance.
The government’s move to nullify Art 370 was a master stroke. It not only isolated Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir globally but also forced it to flounder repeatedly despite its aggressive posture and stepped up information warfare.

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