OCT-DEC 2018



A transformational shift in India’s strategic d o c t r i n e i s n o w evident. From a nonaligned nation to a multi-aligned nation, the change seems to be more pragmatic and relevant amid ever changing global order. Two recent developments – the successful 2+2 dialogue between India and US that provided new openings to futuristic and fruitful Indo-US defence cooperation and the India-Russia summit that witnessed a new narrative being written in IndoRussian defence partnership with the signing of the purchase deal for S-400 missile systems despite the much talked US sanction threats; clearly testify it.
The way defence and security issues have hogged the limelight due to the controversy around Rafale deal; it seems that the high decibel drama and the perception battle will continue on the political front. And in between, the real intent to enhance defence preparedness speedily has gone for a toss.

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