Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Between BSF & AMF for the Benefit of Divyang Yodhas of the Force

Indian Army

New Delhi. On August 31, at the Force Headquarters of Border Security Force an MoU has been signed between BSF and Aditya Mehta Foundation (AMF) with the purpose to provide a platform for all serving Divyang Yodhas of BSF who are having more than 40 per cent disability to be benefitted by attending the counselling sessions for selection according to their suitability and further participation in various Para sports activities viz. Para cycling, Wheel chair Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Table tennis, Rowing, Arm Wrestling, Power lifting, Horse Riding, Athletic, Rugby & Basket Ball, shooting etc. including.


Border Security Force, the world’s largest border guarding force was raised in 1965. Making humble beginning with 25 Battalions, drawn from different states, the legend that was born in 1965 has today become a formidable epic. The Border Security Force has since then has etched its history in golden letters as country’s ‘First Line of Defence’. A large number of BSF personnel have been injured and rendered disabled while fighting valiantly in the tense situations of international borders of the Indo-Pakistan, Indo-Bangladesh, Naxal infested area and in law and order duties as well.

In some cases, hazardous environment affects troops so adversely that they either develop permanent ailment and become physically disabled. To evolve avenues of growth & development for such disabled personnel in all the potent arenas that may be relevant at a point of time by tapping their inherent capabilities and backing up with all support systems including para sports, periodical counselling by expertise to assess their suitability in the field of para sports as well as to organise training camps for further participation in various competitions is felt necessary.

Aditya Mehta Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aids people with disabilities to pursue sports while providing self-sustenance. Aditya Mehta Foundation was founded in 2014, with its registered office at Secunderabad (Hyderabad). The foundation has helped several para athletes with ample support to achieve their goal in the field of Para sports.

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Based out of Hyderabad, the area of operations spans of the Foundation is at every corner of the nation which represents a cause that is unique for country and a large minority of people has much to benefits from his Foundation. The foundation is providing counselling and Para sports training for such individuals and help them in gaining self-confidence to get better in the field of sports as per suitability.

The BSF and Aditya Mehta Foundation mutually agreed to a plan to conduct periodical counselling sessions of Divyang Yodhas to assess their suitability in the field of para sports and to organise annual training camps for further participation in various Para sports competitions to help them grow in the sport and compete to win at the international level.