IWI Unveils Light Weight, Anti-Trauma, Patented GAL Versatile Protective Suit


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), a member of the SK Group has unveiled the patented GAL Versatile Protective Suit (VPS). The presentation of the VPS took place in the MOC Prison Riot Event, in collaboration with the Special Operations team of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR).


Adaptable to all scenarios, the lightweight, wearable protection system provides protection from trauma injuries. The latest generation of the suit has undergone several modifications, enabling it to withstand even more significant trauma, while maintaining its position as the most lightweight protective suit available in the market.

The GAL VPS absorbs massive kinetic trauma, reducing and diverting the force of a blow to the body. Flexible and easy to wear, this comprehensive, three-level operational solution includes a vest and arm and leg protectors, all anti-trauma. Weighing just 4.4 kg at W2 and 5.9kg at W4, its unique design is suitable for users from small to large size. The system is also covered with an anti-abrasion material as standard, or with flame retardant material according to the customer’s needs.

Together with the ultra-light bullet-proof and anti-stab vest and ultralight ballistic helmet, the GAL VPS is the most up-to-date, versatile protective suit available today. Moreover, following a stringent testing process and crash tests, the system has achieved German standard VPAM KDIW 2004 Cubic/ Wurfel.

big bang

“By changing the geometry of the GAL VPS, we have increased the level of protection it offers, decreasing the intensity of impact by 95%, to just 0.7-1.5 joules,” says Ronen Hamudot, Executive VP of Marketing and Sales at SK Group. “The MOC Prison Riot event facilitates tactical training and technology deployment demonstrations, resulting in candid practitioner feedback that shapes the law enforcement and corrections industry on an international scale. During the event, the West Virginia DCR Special Operations team will illustrate the enhanced performance of the GAL VPS, with the goal of the training teams to improve their capabilities and meet challenges. We are proud of this unique collaboration, and look forward to further collaborations with law enforcement forces around the world.”