Editor’s Note

The Independence Day @ 76 celebration is about acknowledging India's grandeur successes and failures since it embarked on its journey - step by step to tap opportunities, experience greater triumphs amid challenges of the present and future. Raksha Anirveda's latest web feature attempts to document India's unravelling dedication to grasp the emerging opportunities, accept the challenges of the future and its effort to turn the tide of its unending quest for self-reliance (aatmanirbharta) in defence. Through a wide range of curated articles, the feature focuses on India's trajectory and resolve to attain self-sufficiency and emerge as a potential defence exporter in near future. Hope the web feature successfully portrays India's increasing optimism and confidence in its capabilities. Happy Reading!


From Intent to Implementation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent state visits to the United States and France have garnered significant attention due to their symbolic value and strategic implications. The June visit to the […]

India’s Bold Leap into Defence Exports

“Military strength cannot be built overnight. The process of developing indigenous military technologies and weapon systems takes a much longer time. Building organisations capable of taking up such challenging tasks […]

The Dare To Dream Big Bold & Better

Critical Necessity: India’s recently-concluded defence deals with Germany, the United States and France have few unmistakable common essences in each of them. They are all multibillion-dollar projects, each of them addresses […]

Garuda Aerospace: Boosting Defence with Desi Drones

Technological advancements have significantly impacted various industries such as agriculture, transport, defence, etc., fundamentally transforming their operations and fostering market growth. These innovations have played a crucial role in overcoming […]

Journey Across Time

From the ashes of colonial oppression, India emerged as a beacon of hope in 1947, embracing its newfound independence with dreams of prosperity and sovereignty. Yet, the road to true […]

The Quest for Defence Autonomy

India, a land renowned for its ancient wisdom and innovative spirit, has a long and storied history of self-reliance in the defence sector dating back millennia. From ancient civilizations to […]

Steady Strides in Defence Aspirations

The Indian defence industry ecosystem is buzzing with optimism. Stocks of defence companies are soaring with record price-to-earnings ratios, while venture funds and angel investors are vigorously hunting for defence […]

From Arms to AI

‘Aatmanirbharta’ or autarky is a unique idea, denoting the ability to produce commodities largely on one’s own, with less reliance on external help. It has gained popularity in India’s economic […]

Battling Amorphous Adversaries

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has unfolded as a pivotal turning point in multiple aspects. At the forefront of this transformation is the notable utilisation of electronic-centric dual-use technologies (ECDUT) by […]

Aatmanirbharta in Defence: Strides and Snags

The world experienced a seismic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic, with global norms bending and nations re-evaluating their reliance on others to support their development. In the aftermath of India’s […]

Sustainability of Self-Reliance in Defence

All nation-states have traditionally evolved to peacefully coexist amongst the comity of nations. However, ideological differences and internal strife necessitates a strong and effective military that needs to update and […]

Is India Truly Self-reliant in Defence Production?

Rising phoenix-like from centuries of subjugation to foreign invaders and colonisers, India has become the fifth largest economy in three-quarters of a century, overtaking its erstwhile colonial masters. It’s well […]

Aatmanirbharta: Beyond Rhetoric

Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2020 with a Rs 2,000,000 crore (US$ 262 billion) package (10 percent of India’s GDP), the Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign aims to foster […]

Self-Reliance: A Challenging Odyssey

Seventy-six years of independence mark a remarkable period in India’s history. A nation that has undergone dynamic economic growth, diplomatic evolution, and technological advancements now stands on the threshold of […]

From Dependence to Dominance

The global powerplay and geopolitical flux are creating strategic security fragility at an unprecedented scale, from the Indo-Pacific to the trans-Atlantic. For India, China’s Himalayan forays and the Russia-Ukraine war […]