Brazilian Defence Firm Mac Jee Unveils Kamikaze Drone Anshar, Demonstration Scheduled Next Year


Sao Paulo: Brazilian defence organisation Mac Jee at the Dubai Air Show 2023 introduced its new kamikaze (an exploding) drone prototype Anshar. It was exhibited for the first time on the international market. The Anshar was developed to meet the requirements of modern war doctrines, reinforcing Mac Jee’s product offering for allied nations.

Anshar’s unveiling comes as the weapons class gains prominence amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. The name Anshar refers to the god of the celestial horizon in Babylonian mythology. Representing a leap in technology and capacity for Brazil’s defence industry base, the new kamikaze drone Anshar reaches a speed of 170 m/s (612 km/h), with a minimum sea skimming altitude of 10 metres and a maximum altitude of 8,000 metres, a range capacity of 120 km and one hour of flight autonomy. The Anshar has a maximum take-off weight of 160 kg, carrying a payload of 20 kg and fuel weight of 46 kg.

Displaying the loitering munition prototype at the Dubai Air Show, Mac Jee Group said the weapon has a range of 120 kilometres (62 miles), operates at 612 kph (380 mph), has a one-hour endurance and can carry a payload of 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

Mathieu Izquierdo, the group’s sales business development director, said, “It’s a new product from Mac Jee that aligns exactly with the new war doctrines. The Anshar was developed to meet the requirements of our customers outside Brazil.” He added without providing details about the equipment cost that the drone “was designed to destroy high-value targets at a low cost, with simple maintenance and easy operation”.

According to Izquierdo, a demonstration of the drone will take place next year during the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia, which is scheduled for February 4-8, 2024. The company plans to launch the actual product in early 2025, he said. “Mac Jee exports the majority of its products to the Middle East,” he added.

Based in one of Brazil’s main defence hubs, the city of São José dos Campos, Mac Jee has aerospace specialist Embraer and other defence firms in its vicinity.